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June 19, 2008

Summer League Week 1 Preview

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It all starts tonight at Omaha South High School.  For full details go to

UNO (Current Players) takes on PCS Phosphate at 5:30

UNO (Former Players) takes on State Farm at 6:30

PCS Phosphate is made up of Chad Cruise, Derek Paben, P’Allen Stinnett, Kenton Walker, Omar Bynum, Stanley Boateng, Hannibal Cofield, Cole Salomon.

State Farm is made up of Mark Esser, John Turek, Eddie King, Kaleb Korver, Antoine Young, Casey Harriman, Rodney Grace, Nick Morrell.

Don’t know who will be playing for the UNO teams, will let you know who played after the games tonight.  I’ll also have some pictures of the first game.  I can’t make the 2nd one :(.  Actually here might be some info, from the metrobball website, “UNO has a team of all current players and then another team of current players and graduates (Ryan Curtis, Calvin Kapels, Chris DeSpain, Zac Robinson, and Denny Johnston)”.  So it lokos like we should see a lot of guys out there!

I also found out Mitch Albers will not be playing tonight… lame.

Little summary of who the players they will be taking on are.


Chad Cruise – 6’2″ gaurd – Went to Midland Lutheran, was 2nd team all-conference (GPAC) as a senior scoring 16 a game. –

Derek Paben – Which one :)?  There’s one that played Morningside and then at South Dakota and was a senior in 03-04.  Another played at Northern Iowa it seems.  Appears to have some Euro basketball experience.  I’d guess the former.

P’Allen Stinnet – Who? Plays at Creighton, Sophomore gaurd, Newcomer and Freshman of the Year in The Valley… , , , , , .  He’s alright.

Kenton Walker – Sophomore Center at Creighton, pretty dang good.

Omar Bynum – I assume this is the Omar Bynum who played for Iowa State,, finished there in 03, was around a 7 PPG and 7 RPG kind guy as a junior.

Stanley Boateng – played at Bellevue, was a senior last year… from Rhode Island and also played at Missouri-St. Louis, a D2 school

Hannibal Cofield – played at Bellevue as well, also a senior last year… he played high school ball at Omaha South

Cole Salomon – played High School ball at Millard North, then a year at UNK before transfering to Nebraska. He’ll be a junior this fall.

State Farm:

Mark Esser – played at Dana, 6′ 8″ center, was first team GPAC as a senior in 05-06

John Turek – was a senior at Nebraska in 04-05, played in Belgium this last year,, averaging 13 points and 10 rebounds.

Eddie King – played at UNO and for the Lincoln Thunder (ABA)

Kaleb Korver – younger brother of Kyle, will be a Sophomore at Creighton

Antoine Young – incoming freshman at Creighton, played at Bellevue West as a senior

Casey Harriman – going to be a sophomore at Creighton

Rodney Grace – played at the Des Moines Area Community College last year, now going to Pittsburgh State.  Mav-rival.

Nick Morrell – played at Kearney,, then he went to South Dakota and averaged 5.9 points per game.

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