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May 11, 2013

Campbell Ditto – Summit League Freshman of the Year

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Campbell Ditto was named Summit League Freshman of the Year earlier this week and that got me thinking… what’s the expected career arc for a softball player named Freshman of the Year in the Summit? Do they go on to win a player of the year award? How many first team honors do they go on to earn?

Unfortunately the Summit League has tended to give a “Newcomer” of the Year award in the past, and thus for most season it’s hard to tell if a player given the award was a freshman or a transfer who may have had one great year as a transfer senior before graduating.

Still, I’ll present the data as we have it…
* indicates they were 1st-team All-League as a freshman
Newcomer of the Year era… 1993-2009
1993 Kerry Coudry, Illinois-Chicago –> 0 Times
*1995 Michelle Oswald, Northeastern Illinois –> 4 Times, 1996 Player Of Year
*1996 Nicole Terpstra, DePaul –> 4 Times, 1996 Pitcher of Year, 1997 Pitcher of Year, 1998 Pitcher of Year, 1999 Pitcher of Year,
1997 Julie Luna, DePaul –> 2 Times
*1998 Dana Jakusz, DePaul –> 1 Time
*1999 Christy Adamson, IUPUI –> 1 Time
*2000 Brandy Moser, IUPUI –> 3 Times
2001 Jaymie Voss, Oakland –> 1 Time
*2002 Lindsey Davis, Kansas City –> 2 Times, 2002 Pitcher of the Year
2003 Christie McFarland, IUPUI –> 0 Times
*2004 Micah Rhodes, Centenary –> 4 Times
*2005 Tiffany Burt, Southern Utah –> 2 Times, 2005 Player of the Year
2006 Emerald Doria, Centenary –> 1 Time
2007 Lauren Furgala, Western Illinois –> 0 Times
2008 Elisa Victa, North Dakota State –> 1 Time
2009 Jamie Goss, Western Illinois –> 2 Times

From 1993-1998 there was a Mid-Con East and a Mid-Con West, so the 1st-team was perhaps easier to make…
During this time 8 of the 16 winners were first team all-conference in their first year. They ended up being first team an average of 2.6 times in their career. Those were weren’t first team all-conference in their first year only made first team all conference an average of 0.8 times, none more then twice. So we see that players who started on the first team end up making it an average of 0.8 times more over the rest of their career. Campbell Ditto was 2nd team All-Summit for UNO.

Additionally only two future players/pitchers of the year were also newcomer of the year, both in the mid 90’s. No one was 2nd-team as a newcomer and went on to win player/pitcher of the year.

Since 2010 The Summit League has had a Freshman of the Year award. We only have 3 to judge off of so far…

Freshman of the Year
2010 Whitney Johnson, North Dakota State –> 2 Times, 2013 Pitcher of the Year
*2011 Ashleigh Bousquet, Fort Wayne –> 3 Times
*2012 Krista Menke, North Dakota State –> 1 Time, 2012 Pitcher of the Year

Whitney Johnson would be a career path Mavericks fans would be happy to see from Campbell Ditto. Johnson was a 2nd-team All-Summit selection as a freshman but was 1st-team as a sophomore and senior and was this year’s Pitcher of the Year while leading North Dakota State to a regular season conference title.

We haven’t seen the end of Bousquet or Menke’s career year. Bousquet is now a 3-time All-Summit selection and will probably make that four next year while Krista Menke fell behind Johnson this year only starting 15 games (four in conference). She will be the leader of the staff next year so don’t be surprised to see her make a lot of noise.

Also don’t fail to notice that the two teams playing for the conference title tomorrow are Fort Wayne and North Dakota State. Bousquet is 2-5 with 2 runs in the conference tournament while Johnson and Menke each have wins for North Dakota State.

Hopefully Campbell Ditto can follow the path of these recent Freshman of the Year and will even have a shot at the conference tournament when UNO is eligible in 2016.

BTW Here’s the previous freshman of the year from UNO and their future accomplishments. Again a * indicates they were 1st-Team All-League as a freshman.

*1992 Diahann Armstrong – 1 Time
*1994 Tracy Carey – 2 Time
*1997 Kelly Secord – 1 Time
*2000 Krista Unger – 3 Time
*2004 Cheris Kuster – 4 Time
*2008 Beth Haley – 3 Time

No guarantee of future success, though the last 3 for UNO have been absolutely fantastic with Unger 1st in school history in career wins, Haley 3rd in wins, and Unger 4th in school history in opposing batting average.


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