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March 3, 2013

2012-13 Omaha Men’s Basketball – Game #31 Recap – North Dakota State

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There’s not too much to say after a game like that. Omaha tried but it was never meant to be as North Dakota State rolled 84-57. The season is over and focusing on one last game that doesn’t really mean much seems wrong. The Mavericks were on the losing end of some bad stat comparisons… North Dakota State shot 58%, 7-17 from three, while Omaha was just 33% and 3-17 from three. Omaha got two more offensive rebounds than North Dakota State, but out of 21 more opportunities. North Dakota State went 17-23 from the FT line while Omaha only was 12-16. The one thing Omaha did really well was only turn it over 10 times while North Dakota State had 17.

Justin Simmons was finally shut down. 3-10 from the field for just nine points, though he played only 21 minutes. The leader for the Mavericks was Marcus Tyus who scored 10 points in 18 minutes, though six of those game in the 2nd half with the outcome no longer in doubt.

North Dakota State is dang good. They’re going to be a tough out in Sioux Falls and man does a rematch with Western Illinois in Sioux Falls look interesting. Slow… but interesting.

Anyways without a lot of fun things to say and with the season over I don’t feel it worth much time devoting to tearing this one apart. Omaha’s just not big and physical enough to play a really good mid-major team like this. Next few years could change that, but it’s going to take a little time. I’ll post a recap of the season where I can be much more glowingly positive because there is no doubt that this year’s team was a MAJOR success. 11 wins and 6 in conference was a great return. They laid a great foundation for futures teams.

It was Over When: It could be argued it was over at the half, or even early in the second half as Omaha was playing all bench players to try anything. Those guys did get the score to 56-39 with 13:48 left, not an impossible margin, but you knew it was over when North Dakota State went on an 11-0 run to make it 67-39.

Player of the Game: Marcus Tyus is your player of the game. No one played real spectacular but Tyus did manage 10 points and four rebounds in 18 minutes of play. He was even an efficient 5-9 from the field. I’m not sure how much Tyus’ role will expand next year but the future is certainly bright for him.

Season Total:
Justin Simmons (9)
John Karhoff (8)
Matt Hagerbaumer (4)
Alex Welhouse (4)
Marcus Tyus (2)
Alex Phillips (1)
Caleb Steffensmeier (1)
CJ Carter (1)
Tyler Egli (1)

Efficiency Ratings:
Marcus Tyus – 8
Matt Hagerbaumer – 5
Alex Phillips – 5
C.J. Carter – 5
John Karhoff – 3
Justin Simmons – 3
Alex Welhouse – 3
Caleb Steffensmeier – 1
Jacques Coleman – 1
Simon Krych – 1
Tyler Egli – 0

Season Average:
Justin Simmons – 13.0
John Karhoff – 11.4
C.J. Carter – 8.7
Alex Welhouse – 8.3
Alex Phillips – 6.5
Matt Hagerbaumer – 6.1
Marcus Tyus – 5.2
Caleb Steffensmeier – 5.1
Koang Doluony – 3.1
Jacques Coleman – 2.2
Simon Krych – 1.6
Tyler Egli – 1.3

Team Ratings:
Pace was pretty high for a North Dakota State game. Omaha actually did much better defensively than the first matchup, they were just even worse offensively today than that matchup. Omaha didn’t shoot well and didn’t grab a lot of offensive rebounds, but they were good at not turning it over. The Mavericks didn’t hit the defensive boards all that well, didn’t pick up many assists, and got to the FT line a decent amount.

Possessions: 73
Offensive Points per Possession : 0.79
Defensive Points per Possession : 1.17
eFG%: 35.7%
Turnover Rate: 13.8%
Offensive Rebounding: 20.0%
Defensive Rebounding: 65.2%
A/B%: 38.1%
Floor%: 39.7%
FT Prod: 19.0

Response to 3 things to watch:
1) Pace – The game was played faster than you might expect but it didn’t necessarily help Omaha as all as they couldn’t get on track offensively.

2.) Battle Inside  – Bjorklund and Wright combined for 33 points, nine rebounds, and went 14-20 from the field. Ouch. Karoff and Welhouse put up just 10 points and two rebounds combined as Karhoff only played 15 minutes due to foul trouble. Omaha just isn’t ready for big men like this, and that’s just something that will take time so they can recruit bigger bodies.

3.) Pride – It was definitely a rough way to end the year. It’s not like Omaha quit trying today, but the fate was sealed so early on that the crowd was pretty quiet and it was just a tough day.

Prediction Response: Again though Omaha would be slightly more competitive. It’s surprising to me how much Omaha’s offense was disrupted today for how well they’ve played lately.

All in all… a great year. 11 wins is more than I expected. 6 wins in conference is more than I expected. This team is positioning well to grow into the future and the recruiting classes that are being brought in now are very very important. Marcus Tyus will have a chance to reach the NCAA tournament his senior year. Jalen Bradley will have a chance in his junior year. Incoming recruits Rylan Murry and Nick Billingsley will have the opportunity in their junior or sophomore seasons depending on if they redshirt. That 2015-16 season is what Omaha is building towards and while you can’t expect to be competitive in the Summit League right away you’d love to see a team that season that could win the tournament and go to the NCAA tournament. This team could not match up with the best of the league this year and that’s okay. Wasn’t the goal anyways.


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