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March 2, 2013

Paige Frauendorfer–Career Retrospect

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We’ve previous covered the career of Carly Cator, Carolyn Blair-Mobley, and Jamie Nash.

Today we’ll cover Jamie Nash’s career with the Mavericks. Paige played her high school ball for tiny Humphrey High School. She’s one of those great players born out of small time high school athletics. Paige was a four-time all-conference in D1, was a finalist for Wendy’s High School Heisman award in Nebraska, was all-conference four times in volleyball and won the state long jump three times. Woah. After that spectacular high school career she came to UNO and started her first three games. It was a somewhat slow start as she only scored 10 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in those first three games. She didn’t start again the rest of the year and while her stats weren’t spectacular as a freshman she showed a few moments of brilliance that provided a lot of hope for the future. Paige grew into the player she is today over time. 6.2 points per game as a freshman, 9.1 points per game as a sophomore, 13.1 points per game last year and then finally 14.8 points per game this year. She’s always been a good rebounder as well. She’s made 83 starts and has 1157 career points, 681 career rebounds, 188 career assists, 168 career steals and 59 career blocks.

1st Point – 11/15/09 vs. Dana – Paige had to wait quite a while to get her first point. She missed her first five FGs and her first FT attempt but finally hit a jumper off a Kylee Rinehart assist with 7:36 left to make it 65-43 Omaha.
100th Point – 1/20/10 vs. Pittsburg State – Frauendorfer passed 100 career points when she hit a three off of an Alyssa Green assist to make it 51-43 Mavericks with 12:34 left.
200th Point – 12/1/10 @ Washburn – This was Paige’s first big game as she would score 22 points. She reached 200 early in the game on a layup that made it 12-10 Washburn with 15:58 left in the half.
300th Point – 1/15/11 vs. Missouri Southern – Frauendorfer reached 300 career points when she made the front end of two FTs with 2:30 left and the Mavericks trailing 71-62. Omaha couldn’t get closer than six the rest of the way, falling 76-66.
400th Point – 2/26/11 vs. Pittsburg State – After scoring 10 first half points Paige reached 400 for her career when she hit a jumper with 3:24 left to give Omaha an eight point lead. Omaha would go on to upset Pittsburg State 79-73.
500th Point – 12/1/11 vs. York – A Frauendorfer jumper to make it 26-5 Omaha with 8:56 left in the first half gave her 500 career points. Hard to believe that was just 15 months ago and now she’s over 1,100.
600th Point – 12/31/11 vs. Missouri Western – Paige had 16 in this one and reached 600 career points when she made layup off a Jamie Nash assist to make it 14-9 Omaha with 11:48 left in the first half. Omaha went on to win this one 64-62.
700th Point – 2/2/12 vs. Sioux Falls – Frauendorfer scored her 700th career point on a layup that made it 34-22 Mavericks with 3:39 left. Jamie Nash, of course, had an assist on the play.
800th Point – 11/18/12 vs. Northern Arizona – Paige had 17 points and 13 rebounds in this double OT win and reached 800 career points when she hit a jumper with 6:19 left to make it 56-53 Omaha.
900th Point – 12/28/12 @ Kansas City – Frauendorfer had 11 points and 13 rebounds in Omaha’s first Summit League win. She reached 900 career points when she hit a jumper to make it 14-10 Mavericks with 8:57 left in the first half.
1,000th Point  – 1/24/13 vs. North Dakota State – Paige had a whopping 25 points in this one and passed 1,000 career points on a layup with 8:33 left in the first half and Omaha leading 18-13.
1,100th Point – 2/9/13 vs. IUPUI – Frauendorfer went off early in the 2nd half and hit 1,100 career points on a jumper that gave Omaha a 33-31 lead with 11:23 left. The Mavericks would go on to lose 45-43.

1st Rebound – 11/15/09 vs. Dana – Frauendorfer’s first rebound came with 5:55 left in the first half when she grabbed a Kayla Hofstetter missed three. Paige would end being fouled 10 seconds later but couldn’t hit the ensuing 1-and-1 for her first point.
100th Rebound – 11/27/10 vs. Calumet College of St. Joseph – Paige got her 100th career rebound after grabbing her own miss with 14:49 left in the first half and Omaha up 14-7. Paige would tip it right up and in for a nine point lead.
200th Rebound – 2/23/11 @ Missouri Southern – Frauendorfer’s 200th career rebound came when she grabbed a missed Heather Pohl three with 6:33 left in the first half. Omaha wouldn’t get another look on the possession as Jordan Spencer turned it over.
300th Rebound – 12/10/11 vs. Northwest Missouri State – It took just 23 seconds in this one for Paige to reach 300 career rebounds. She grabbed a Abby Henry missed layup with the game still scoreless.
400th Rebound – 1/24/12 @ UT Arlington – Frauendorfer didn’t grab a rebound until the 11:10 mark of the first half. That’s when she grabbed career rebound #400, a rebound of her own missed jumper.
500th Rebound – 11/25/12 vs. Southwest Minnesota State – Paige reached 500 career rebounds with 8:53 left in the game when she grabbed a Jamie Nash missed layup on the fast break. Carolyn Blair-Mobley would get the ball and be fouled to head to the FT line where she hit 1 of 2.
600th Rebound – 1/17/13 @ Chicago State – Frauendorfer reached 600 career rebounds when she grabbed a Tierra Williams missed three with the Mavericks leading 20-14 with 8:52 left in the first half.

1st Assist – 11/15/09 vs. Dana – Paige got her first assist just 1:35 into her career when she passed to Heather Pohl for a jumper that made it 5-4 Dana.
25th Assist – 11/18/10 @ Missouri S&T – Frauendorfer got her 25th career assist in the 2nd game of her sophomore season when she set up Jessica Zaruba for a jumper that made it 25-25 with 46 seconds left in the first half.
50th Assist – 1/2/11 @ Missouri Western – Frauendorfer had four assists on the evening and reached 50 career assists when she passed to Jasamine Reeves for a layup that made it 58-54 Missouri Western with 7:18 left. Omaha went on to lose by eight.
100th Assist – 12/7/11 vs. College of St. Mary – Paige hit Stacia Gebers for a fast break layup to make it 35-23 Omaha with 4:25 left in the first half.
150th Assist – 11/16/12 vs. Louisiana – Frauendorfer had four first half assists, the final one to Jamie Nash for a there with three seconds left making it 47-30 Omaha and giving Paige 150 career assists.

1st Steal – 11/15/09 vs. Dana – Frauendorfer’s first steal came with 2:44 left in this one and Omaha leading by 31. The turnover for Dana was credited to the team.
25th Steal – 11/12/10 vs. York College – Paige got her 25th career steal in the 1st game of her sophomore season when she took the ball from Keishell Paul of York. Omaha was only up six with 6:09 left in the first half at the time.
50th Steal – 2/19/11 @ Southwest Baptist – Frauendorfer reached 50 career steals when she took the ball from Tanis Spani with the Mavericks down three and 11:06 to go in the first half. Paige drove for a layup that made it a one point game.
100th Steal – 1/3/12 @ Saint Louis – Paige took the ball from Jamesia Price with 7:48 left and Omaha trailing by 23. Cathleen Cox would soon miss a jumper by Jessica Zaruba was fouled grabbing the rebound and hit two shots to cut it to a 21 point game.
150th Steal – 1/19/13 @ Indiana Dabney – Frauendorfer took the ball from Fila Poe for her 150th career steal with 18:48 left in this one and Omaha leading 38-20.

1st Block – 11/28/09 vs. Chadron State – Paige actually got her first block slightly after Jamie Nash. Both got their first block against Chadron State but while Nash’s was in the first half Paige didn’t get her block until there was just 29 seconds left when she blocked a Samantha Arkulari jumper with Omaha up four. Frauendorfer secured the rebound to help preserve the Maverick win.
10th Block – 2/17/10 @ Central Missouri – Frauendorfer got her 10th career block when she stopped a Danielle Shows jumper with 1:08 left. Sara Reeves would rebound the miss at a crucial time as Omaha trailed 56-51. The Mavericks would get within two, but no closer in this one.
25th Block – 2/9/11 vs. Missouri Western – Paige got her 25th career block real late in this one as she blocked a Jessica Koch jumper with Omaha down 67-54 and just thirty seconds left. Lauren Nolke would get the offensive rebound and Missouri Western would run most of the rest of the clock out.
50th Block – 11/30/12 vs. UT Arlington – Frauendorfer’s 50th career block came with 4:19 left in the first half and Omaha up 33-9. She stopped a Malaika Green jumper and Casse Vaughn grabbed the rebound.


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