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March 1, 2013

Following the Summit – 2/28/13

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Recapping the previous day’s games…

Men’s Basketball

South Dakota 87 @ IUPUI 69

What You Need To Know: South Dakota was up 71-61 with eight minutes left before pulling away for the 18-point win. The win does force Kansas City to beat IUPUI to regain the tie with South Dakota for the 7th place in conference and #6 seed. Poor IUPUI is down to one realistic chance at getting a final win.

Interesting Stat Lines: South Dakota was led by 26 from Trevor Gruis who went 10-15 from the field and 6-6 from the FT line. He also had six rebounds and five assists. Juevol Myles has 18 points, seven rebounds, and five assists to back him up. IUPUI was led by 24 points on 12-16 shooting from Mitchell Patton and 12 points, five rebounds, and seven assists from Sean Esposito. It was a good shooting game with South Dakota narrowly better (50% to 58%). South Dakota went 20-25 from the FT line while IUPUI was just 4-11.

Next Up: South Dakota goes to Western Illinois and could lock up the #6 seed with an upset. IUPUI hosts Kansas City in one more attempt to get a 7th win.

South Dakota State 100 @ Omaha 82

What You Need To Know: South Dakota State had a 27 point lead before Omaha cut it down to nine with under four minutes left. South Dakota State clinched the #1 seed and a share of the conference title.

Interesting Stat Lines: SDSU was led by Chad White’s 23 points and nine rebounds on 6-7 three-point shooting. Tony Fiegen went 7-8 scoring 14 points and grabbing eight rebounds. Jordan Dkystra went just 4-13 but grabbed 17 rebound and had 14 points. Nate Wolters had a quiet double double of 18 points, 10 assists, and seven rebounds. Woah. Justin Simmons exploded in the second half for 24 points and ended up with 29 on 12-23 shooting. Alex Welhouse went 4-6 from deep to score 16. South Dakota State shot 58% from the field and went 9-20 from three while outrebounding Omaha 50-24 and grabbing 41% of their available offensive rebounds to Omaha’s 16%.

Next Up: South Dakota State will face IUPUI in the 1st round of the Summit Tourney on Sioux Falls on Saturday the 9th at 6 PM. Omaha will host North Dakota State to end the season on Saturday.

Kansas City 50 @ Western Illinois 53

What You Need To Know: Terell Parks didn’t play for Western Illinois and they found themselves down 17-3 after five and a half minutes and 39-21 at the half. They were still down 41-23 with 19:03 left before finally turning it on thanks to Jack Houpt knocking down two threes and Jordan Foster hoisting another one. Foster added a fast break layup and suddenly three minutes later it was a seven point game. It took quite a while for Western Illinois to climb the rest of the mountain but they tied it at 48-48 with 4:09 left and took the lead 22 seconds later on a Michael Ochereobia layup. Kansas City would never see the lead again although they had three possessions down three inside the final minute.

Interesting Stat Lines: Western Illinois led by 14 points from Michael Ochereobia and 13 points from Ceola Clark III who added six assists and four steals. Kansas City got 17 points from Estan Tyler but he also had nine turnovers. Both teams shot well (50% for Kansas City to 48% for Western Illinois) but Western Illinois had only 10 turnovers to 17 for UMKC.

Next Up: Western Illinois hosts South Dakota on Saturday but they’ve already locked up the #2 seed. Kansas City heads to IUPUI. If they win there and South Dakota loses at Western Illinois they will be the 6 seed. Otherwise this game will be played again in Sioux Falls.

Men’s Player of the Night: Trevor Gruis gets it tonight for going 10-15, 6-6 from the FT line for 26 points. He even added six rebounds, five assists and a block while only turning it over once.

Women’s Basketball

Oakland 37 @ IUPUI 59

What You Need To Know: The win locked up the #2 seed for IUPUI and the #8 seed for Oakland. IUPUI has given up 43, 67, 40, 56, 33, 37 in their last six Summit League games. When 56 looks like a high number you know your defense is clicking.

Interesting Stat Lines: IUPUI was led by 14 points, six rebounds, and five blocks from Nevena Markovic. Oakland got a double double of 13 points and 10 rebounds from Elena Popkey. IUPUI shot 42% but that’s great compared to Oakland’s 12-57 shooting (21%) including 1-15 (7%) from three.

Next Up: IUPUI will host Fort Wayne. That’s a 2 vs. 4 matchup in terms of seeding for Sioux Falls since the top four are all locked in now. Oakland will head to Western Illinois.

Fort Wayne 54 @ Western Illinois 73

What You Need To Know: With Western Illinois up 14 late in the first half this one wasn’t close. The loss for Fort Wayne didn’t end up mattering as South Dakota’s win at Omaha meant Fort Wayne was going to be the #4 seed regardless of the turnout of this game. Western Illinois on the other hand got a big win as a win over Oakland will now lock up the #5 seed (and a rematch with Fort Wayne) and even if they lost it would require North Dakota State beating South Dakota State to knock them back from the #5 spot.

Interesting Stat Lines: Western Illinois got 16 points and seven rebounds from Michelle Maher who went 4-6 from deep. Rebecca Henricson had just five points but also added six rebounds, five assists, and four steals. Fort Wayne’s Amanda Hyde was held to 12 points and seven rebounds on 4-12 shooting. Western Illinois out shot the Mastodons 46% to 33% and went 11-24 from three (46%).

Next Up: Western Illinois hosts Oakland looking to lock up the #5 seed and a rematch of this game. Fort Wayne will head to IUPUI for a game that is meaningless for seeding purposes.

South Dakota 50 @ Omaha 39

What You Need To Know: This game was close for quite a while before Omaha just stopped scoring down 41-37. The Mavericks were held scoreless for over six minutes until a late Casse Vaughn basket provide the final margin. South Dakota had already locked up the #3 seed when Fort Wayne lost so this was just gravy heading into the conference tournament.

Interesting Stat Lines: South Dakota got a double-double of 10 points and 10 rebounds from Margaret McCloud while Omaha’s Paige Frauendorfer scored 14 points on 6-13 shooting to lead all scorers. The Mavericks shot 31% from the field and were 0-8 from three while South Dakota was slightly better at 34% and 4-15 from three. South Dakota grabbed 19 offensive rebounds on 40 opportunities. Pretty dominant.

Next Up: South Dakota heads to the conference tournament where they will play on Sunday as the #3 seed in the afternoon session. If they get a first round win over… whoever they play (North Dakota State or Kansas City) they would also lock up a winning season. Omaha hosts Kansas City to end the season on Saturday afternoon.

Women’s Player of the Night: Not a lot of great performances this evening but Michelle Maher’s probably the best. 16 points on 6-11 shooting including 4-6 from deep. seven rebounds, four assists, a block and just one turnover.

Upcoming Games
All Times CT

Men’s Basketball – 3/2
North Dakota State 21-8 (11-4) @ Omaha 11-19 (6-9) – 3 PM
Fort Wayne 14-16 (6-9) @ Oakland 16-14 (10-5) – 5 PM – Game of the Week
Kansas City 7-23 (4-11) @ IUPUI 6-24 (1-14) – 6:30 PM
South Dakota 10-18 (5-10) @ Western Illinois 20-7 (12-3) – 7 PM

Women’s Basketball – 3/2
Kansas City 9-19 (5-10) @ Omaha 16-11 (6-9) – 2 PM
Fort Wayne 12-15 (8-7) @ IUPUI 18-10 (11-4) – 4 PM – Game of the Week
Oakland 9-18 (3-12) @ Western Illinois 13-15 (6-9) – 4:30 PM
South Dakota State 21-7 (13-2) @ North Dakota State 10-17 (6-9) – 7 PM


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