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March 1, 2013

Change in Quantity of Posts on the Blog

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Hey there.

I’ve decided to take the blog in a slightly different direction. While I’ll still be covering Omaha athletics and Summit League in general stuff on here I’m going to focus less on lots of the details. For example I’m not going to be doing preview/recaps of softball and baseball games or keeping track of lots of statistics. It’s basically turning into a full time job trying to keep up with it and since very few people actually read this and I need to actually go make some money out there… yea this is going to have to get cut down significantly.

Thankfully does a great job posting recaps/previews of games for all of the sports. They might not do it quite the same as I would, but why reinvent the wheel when there’s only five people who want one?

I’ll try to focus more of my stuff on big picture type stuff and probably covering some of the minor sports which I really enjoy following (Swimming and Track for example). Basketball coverage will always be a big part of this blog since that’s my main sport… but since it’s winding down this will be a good time to wind this down some as well. But the main idea is not writing a recap of the softball game when you can just as easily find one on Omavs or perhaps the OWH.

I’m going to end up posting THIRTY EIGHT articles this week. It’s just way to many to put out and probably more than anyone would ever care to read… next week it’ll probably be closer to seven :).

Thanks for following the blog and hopefully I can still provide some quality coverage, just in a lesser scale.

-Jon Green


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