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February 25, 2013

2012-13 Omaha Women’s Basketball – Game #26 Recap – North Dakota State

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This was another one of those games that bugs you afterwards. Omaha was so bad at the start and so bad at the start of the second half. If you take away the 23-9 North Dakota State run over 8:53 to start the first half and the 9-0 run in the first 4:02 of the second half then you get a 53-31 Maverick advantage. A dominating performance 27-minute performance by Omaha undone by a bad 13 minutes.

It’s very frustrating when so much good play is undone by a few minutes of struggles but it’s something we’ve seen a few times this year, though perhaps not to this extent. Omaha actually only led this game on one occasion, 35-34 for 30 seconds late in the first half.

Omaha had so many chances in the second half to get back on top. Omaha trailed 52-51 with 6:51 left and cut it two on three occasions after that. With 1:34 left Omaha trailed by four again. Omaha had a lot of chances to get back within a single possession. Carolyn Blair-Mobley missed a three. Jamie Nash turned it over after a steal. Ericka House missed a three. Jamie Nash missed a three, Ericka House rebounded and missed, and finally Taijhe Kelly rebounded it and got it to Carolyn Blair-Mobley who was fouled. After she made two fouls it was a two point game with 21 seconds left.

Katie Birkel hit two FTs for North Dakota State and Omaha answered right back with a Blair-Mobley layup. On the ensuing inbound attempt North Dakota State got it in and called a timeout. One problem… they didn’t have any which meant a technical foul. Two FTs and the ball to the Mavericks. The golden opportunity for the Mavericks sent Paige Frauendorfer to the FT line where she had hit 37 of her last 39 FTs. She couldn’t hit the first one though and hit the 2nd to make it a one point game. Omaha got it in to Frauendorfer but her jumper with two seconds left was no good and time ran out on the Mavericks. Ugh. So close!

As I’ve mentioned in previous recaps, not worth worrying too much about losing a game by a point. Would Omaha’s performance have really been any different had Frauendorfer hit that final jumper and won the game? Not really, just one minor detail. Looking at things overall though this year I see a team that isn’t deep enough but has worked extremely hard to get where they are. I wonder how this team would have ended up if Cathleen Cox hadn’t gotten hurt. Her presence and scoring ability could have been a huge difference maker for Omaha.

Looking at game wide statistics we see that Omaha didn’t shoot well. It wasn’t just one player either. Frauendorfer was 6-17 (35%), Nash was 1-10 (10%), House was 5-16 (31%) and Cator was 0-3. The bright spots were Kelly at 4-6 (67%) and Blair-Mobley at 8-15 (53%).

It’s really incredible how poorly Jamie Nash has been shooting this year. She’s down to 33.5% and has gone 7-40 over the last four games… just 18%. Yikes. I’m not sure what has changed over the last year to drag her shooting percentage so low but it’s been tough to watch. She fights so hard and gets good looks but they just aren’t falling. And I know she’s a point guard and doesn’t have to be a great shooter, but she’s 2nd on the team having taken 23 more shots than Blair-Mobley so it’s hard to ignore her shooting so poorly and scoring 82% of Blair-Mobley points on 109% of the shots.

On a positive note look at the continued development of Taijhe Kelly. She still has a long ways to go in certain areas but she’s already come so far and has been a different player over the last few weeks. Since the Fort Wayne game she has averaged 7 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 5 blocks. It’s been an incredible run of games that has seen her grab 47% of her season total in rebounds, 58% of her season total in assists, and 45% of her season total in blocks, in a stretch where she has played 32% of her season total of minutes. Fantastic.

Now Omaha comes home for the final two games. It’s a rematch with South Dakota where Omaha will look to get revenge and a win against their 6th Summit League opponent of the season. Then senior day against Kansas City as the Mavericks say goodbye to a fantastic senior class. It’s been a fun year and hopefully the Mavericks can end it in style.

It was Over When: Not over to the buzzer sounded this one as Omaha was trying to get the rebound and put it back up.

Player of the Game: Carolyn Blair-Mobley was a big part of the effort as she went 8-15 from the field, 2-2 from the FT line and had 20 points to lead the Mavericks. She added seven rebounds and two steals.

Season Total:
Paige Frauendorfer (9)
Carolyn Blair-Mobley (7)
Jamie Nash (4)
Taijhe Kelly (4)
Cathleen Cox (1)
Casse Vaughn (1)

Efficiency Ratings:
Carolyn Blair-Mobley – 19
Taijhe Kelly – 17
Paige Frauendorfer – 16
Ericka House – 5
Jamie Nash – 3
Stacia Gebers – 0
Casse Vaughn – 0
Carly Cator – 0

Season Average:
Paige Frauendorfer – 14.6
Carolyn Blair-Mobley – 12.7
Jamie Nash – 9.3
Taijhe Kelly – 7.8
Ericka House – 6.0
Casse Vaughn – 5.0
Carly Cator – 3.1
Cathleen Cox – 2.4
Stacia Gebers – 2.3
Kate Bayes – 1.6
Myhiah Dotzler – 0.8
Allison Jackson – 0.7

Team Ratings: Pretty high number of possessions for Omaha. They weren’t great on offense, decent on defense. They didn’t shoot well but did avoid turnovers. They offensive rebounded okay but were not good on the defensive glass. Not a ton of assists and not a lot of FTs.
Possessions: 74
Offensive Points per Possession : 0.84
Defensive Points per Possession : 0.92
eFG%: 39.6%
Turnover Rate: 14.9%
Offensive Rebounding: 28.6%
Defensive Rebounding: 62.5%
A/B%: 45.8%
Floor%: 43.6%
FT Prod: 13.4

Response to 3 things to watch:
1) North Dakota State’s Shooting –
Of course North Dakota State took more shots than normal from three and hit a much higher percentage. Of course they did… it’s hard to know how much of it was just them hitting shots and how many times Omaha needed to close out slightly better but it’s not like Omaha can be all that upset about where North Dakota State was shooting from. It’s certainly where you’d want them to take them from.

2.) Someone Help Paige… – After scoring 44% of Omaha’s points on 33% of their shots in the last two games Omaha saw Frauendorfer take only 25% of the shots and score 24% of Omaha’s points. She got some help today and it was absolutely necessary as she was a bit colder than normal. Blair-Mobley’s 20, House’s 13, and Kelly’s 11 were huge.

3.) Turnovers – Omaha had been –10 in turnovers in the first matchup but were +6 today. That was a big turnaround that allowed Omaha to stay in this game. The Mavericks had 11 steals and only had it stolen five times.

Prediction Response:
I was a little surprised by how many points both teams were able to put up.

Upcoming Opponent: South Dakota is up next on Thursday. It’s the start of the Mavericks final two-game home stand. Omaha lost a tough game to South Dakota in late December and will want to get out of the season on a high note after losing five of their last seven games.



  1. Jon Green, I love your commentary on UNO basketball games! You do a great job! God Bless!

    Comment by Collin — February 25, 2013 @ 1:36 pm | Reply

    • Thanks Collin!

      Comment by Jon Green — February 25, 2013 @ 2:27 pm | Reply

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