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February 13, 2013

2012-13 Summit League Basketball Power Rankings – February 13th

There was some discussion of the ranking of the top four on twitter this week. I’m not sure you could go wrong with any of my top three, but I think North Dakota State would be a stretch right now..

I’ve added some potential range of finishes… I can’t promise 100% accuracy yet, just that they could get to a record that would put them at that spot. Maybe next week when there are fewer games I can look at tiebreakers.

Men’s Power Rankings

SDST1.) South Dakota State – 19-7 (10-3) – Last Week: 1
Potential Range of Finishes – 1st through 4th

Games last week: W vs. Fort Wayne, L vs. Oakland
Games this week: vs. IUPUI, vs. Western Illinois

I still have them #1 because their losses have all come on the road and they have the only road win among the top four when they wont at Western Illinois. If they can back that up with a win at home on Saturday night they are just a win at Omaha from locking up the league.

WIU2.) Western Illinois – 18-5 (10-2) – Last Week: 3
Potential Range of Finishes – 1st through 4th
Games last week: W vs. Omaha
Games this week: @ North Dakota State, @ South Dakota State

Western Illinois can basically win the title this weekend with a sweep in the Dakotas. It seems extremely unlikely but anything can happen amongst these top teams. They are back up to #2 since they aren’t the only ones to loose at Oakland anymore.

OAK3.) Oakland – 13-13 (8-4) – Last Week: 4
Potential Range of Finishes – 1st through 4th

Games last week: W vs. North Dakota State, W vs. South Dakota State
Games this week: @ South Dakota, @ Kansas City

Probably the hottest team in the league at this point and definitely playing well at home. I think this is a tricky road trip for them. South Dakota beat them at home but is struggling. Kansas City is another team that doesn’t scream at you for attention. Oakland can’t overlook these two though. I’m not sure finishing 2nd or 3rd is all that much better than finishing 4th though.. all four of those top teams are going to be real tough.

NDST4.) North Dakota State – 19-6 (10-3) – Last Week: 2
Potential Range of Finishes – 1st through 4th

Games last week: L vs. Oakland, W vs. Fort Wayne
Games this week: vs. Western Illinois, vs. IUPUI

They just aren’t the same without Taylor Braun who won’t be back for a few more weeks. They’ll have as good a chance as anyone in Sioux Falls though.

NEBO5.) Omaha – 9-18 (6-8) – Last Week: 6
Potential Range of Finishes – 5th through 8th

Games last week: L @ Western Illinois, W @ IUPUI
Games this week: Chicago State

Unless they upset North Dakota State or South Dakota State they’ll finish 6-10 in the Summit League but at least for now they seem a clear notch ahead of the bottom half teams. I’m not trying to be biased here, but Omaha swept IUPUI and Kansas City and split with South Dakota and Fort Wayne. Seems to be the middle team in the league from that.

UMKC6.) Kansas City – 7-19 (4-8) – Last Week: 8
Potential Range of Finishes – 5th through 9th

Games last week: L @ Houston Baptist, W vs. South Dakota
Games this week: vs. Fort Wayne, vs. Oakland

Got a huge win against South Dakota and now they have their final conference home games ahead. If they can beat Fort Wayne and win at IUPUI in the regular season finale they’d post a strong 6-10 record that would probably be good for the #5 seed. Remarkable for a team that got swept by Houston Baptist and lost against Utah Valley over the last few month. They have swept South Dakota and won at Fort Wayne and at home vs. IUPUI so the case could be made they are better than all three having gone 4-0 against them.

SDAK7.) South Dakota – 8-16 (4-8) – Last Week: 5
Potential Range of Finishes – 5th through 9th
Games last week: L @ Kansas City
Games this week: vs. Oakland, vs. Fort Wayne

I’m calling them the most up-and-down team in the league. Beat South Dakota State and were amazing at Oakland, yet they were swept by Kansas City… They could still rebound but Oakland coming on Thursday threatens to be loss #5 in a row and there is still a trip to Western Illinois. 6-8 is within reach but they’d lose a tiebreaker to Kansas City.

IPFW8.) Fort Wayne – 10-16 (3-9) – Last Week: 7

Potential Range of Finishes – 5th through 9th
Games last week: L vs. South Dakota State, L vs. North Dakota State
Games this week: @ Kansas City, @ South Dakota

They are another team that can beat the best teams in the league, at least at home. Their three losses to SDSU, WIU, and NDSU were by a combined 13 points. They still have a home-and-home with Oakland to finish the league schedule so they could pull the upset their. This weekend is crucial as without a win this weekend they’d have to sweep Oakland to have any hope of catching South Dakota and would not be able to catch Kansas City.

IUPUI9.) IUPUI – 6-20 (1-11) – Last Week: 9
Potential Range of Finishes – 6th through 9th
Games last week: L vs. Omaha
Games this week: @ South Dakota State, @ North Dakota State

Missed a great chance to get their 2nd league win as they were up 22 on Omaha and blew it. They now go to South Dakota State and North Dakota State so the losing streak will probably be at 12 straight before the Bracket Buster. Still host South Dakota and Kansas City and you’d have a hard time arguing neither of those is winnable.

Player of the ‘Last’ Week:
It feels so long ago I had to double check that it was just last week… but Nate Wolters going for 53 at Fort Wayne makes this an easy choice. On the weekend he scored 89 points, added 10 rebounds and 10 assists and went 29-48 from the field including 12-23 from three. Woah. Oh yea and he was 19-20 from the FT line and only turned it over five times combined.

Game of the ‘Next’ Week:
I’ll have Western Illinois at South Dakota State on Saturday as my game of the week. Hoping to watch that one…

Women’s Power Rankings

SDST1.) South Dakota State – 19-6 (11-1) – Last Week: 1
Games last week: W vs. Fort Wayne, W vs. Oakland
Games this week: @ IUPUI, @ Western Illinois

Smooth weekend for the Jackrabbits with only Fort Wayne providing any competition. They can clinch a share of the league on Thursday night by beating IUPUI, but could still lose the tiebreaker if they lost out after that and IUPUI won out. A weekend sweep finished by winning at Western Illinois on Saturday would make it officially theirs.

SDAK2.) South Dakota – 12-12 (7-4) – Last Week: 2
Games last week: W vs. Kansas City
Games this week: @ Oakland, @ Fort Wayne

South Dakota got a dominant win against Kansas City and after having pounded IUPUI the other week look to be the 2nd best team in the league. They should have no problem at Oakland but Fort Wayne could get interesting.

IUPUI3.) IUPUI – 14-9 (7-3) – Last Week: 3
Games last week: W @ Omaha
Games this week: vs. South Dakota State, vs. North Dakota State

Aren’t completely out of the title race and with a win on Thursday would be within a game of the Jackrabbits with the tiebreaker. They’d need some help, which is probably a stretch, but it’s possible. I’m not expecting them to win of course and I’m not moving them back to #2 unless they can win at the Dakota Dome in a couple weeks.

NEBO4.) Omaha – 16-8 (6-6) – Last Week: 5
Games last week: W vs. Western Illinois, L vs. IUPUI
Games this week: None

Omaha was solid on Thursday and played an ugly game on Saturday. Of course their opponent didn’t do much better and the margin was just a layup with 0.7 seconds left. I’ll take Omaha over Kansas City at this point as the ‘Roos suffered a much uglier loss. I think the two schools are fairly close to each other right now and while Omaha won’t affect seeding in Sioux Falls the season finale vs. Kansas City could be for the 4th spot. Anyways Omaha is off this week so it’ll be interesting to see how my perception of them changes after the other teams play.

UMKC5.) Kansas City – 8-16 (4-7) – Last Week: 4
Games last week: L @ South Dakota
Games this week: @ Fort Wayne, @ Oakland

Where did that come from? After losing no games by more than a point since their home loss to Oakland they got beat by 22 at South Dakota. All of a sudden you remember that they are one of two teams to lose to Oakland this year (although IUPUI is the other…) and start to question them a bit. Need to get back on track on Thursday against a Fort Wayne team that isn’t a pushover. Kansas City did win the matchup at home by 18.

IPFW6.) Fort Wayne – 9-14 (5-6) – Last Week: 7
Games this week: L @ South Dakota State, W @ North Dakota State
Games this week: vs. Kansas City, vs. South Dakota

Got the split they’d probably have been okay with before the trip. Playing slightly better lately perhaps with three wins in four games, but this weekend will be a real test of where they belong. Think the potential is there and they have some nice scorers that can really give defenses problems.

NDST7.) North Dakota State – 9-15 (5-7) – Last Week: 6
Games last week: W vs. Oakland, L vs. Fort Wayne
Games this week: @ Western Illinois, @ IUPUI

That loss to Fort Wayne was a big one and might have cost the Bison when it comes to seeding in Sioux Falls. Two of their final four are IUPUI and South Dakota State so the game at Western Illinois on Thursday is a must-win to keep hopes of moving up.

WIU8.) Western Illinois – 10-13 (3-7) – Last Week: 8
Games last week: L @ Omaha
Games this week: vs. North Dakota State, vs. South Dakota State

Didn’t look real great in the loss at Omaha and they’ve now lost four straight conference games and five overall. They can get back on track with North Dakota state and with home games with Fort Wayne and Oakland to close out the season they could still get to seven wins conceivably. Have to get things fixed this weekend though. A loss Thursday probably dooms them to the bottom two.

OAK9.) Oakland – 8-15 (2-9) – Last Week: 9
Games last week: L @ North Dakota State, L @ South Dakota State
Games this week: vs. South Dakota, vs. Kansas City

Valiant effort at North Dakota State before getting beat badly at South Dakota State. Tough schedule the rest of the way and neither game this weekend is one I’d peg them to win.

Player of the ‘Last’ Week:
Amanda Hyde had a strong weekend. She put up 29 points on 10-20 shooting as she tried to push her team past the Jackrabbits. She added eight rebounds and three steals in that one. On Saturday she scored 19 on 7-13 shooting and grabbed three rebounds, two assists, and two steals as they got the road win over North Dakota State.

Game of the ‘Next’ Week:
South Dakota State at IUPUI on Thursday is a big matchup that will basically determine if the race for the top spot is over or not.

Do you all agree with the rankings at all?  Think I’m way off on some teams? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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