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February 11, 2013

2012-13 Omaha Women’s Basketball – Game #24 Recap – IUPUI

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Several times this season Omaha has been so close to get a winning and just couldn’t get the points or stops when they needed them. Saturday was another one of those times as IUPUI was able to score on a layup with just 0.7 seconds remaining to get the 45-43 win over Omaha. It was a tough look as Kerah Nelson received the ball in the low post and had to move to her left around an incoming Paige Frauendorfer and threw it off the glass with her right hand. It hung on the rim momentarily before falling in.

The final score of 45-43 was indicative of the sloppiness of this game as both teams had sub-par afternoons offensively. IUPUI had as many turnovers as baskets while the Mavericks had two more turnovers than baskets. The teams combined to go just 2-22 from the three and went 31-103 overall from the field.

The defenses both played well and are not easy to play against. Omaha in it’s 1-1-3 zone and IUPUI with it’s intense pressure have put up some strong performances, but this was more about the offenses failing to hit shots.

For the Mavericks, Jamie Nash was just 3-12, Carolyn Blair-Mobley was 1-4, Ericka House was 2-7, Taijhe Kelly was 1-5, Casse Vaughn was 0-3, Carly Cator was 0-2. That leaves just two Mavericks who were above the 30% mark… Stacia Gebers at 1-1 and Paige Frauendorfer who had 20 points on 7-14 shooting and kept the Mavericks in this one.

Omaha struggled mightily in the first half to control the Jaguars on the boards as IUPUI grabbed 12 of their available 25 offensive rebounds. That allowed IUPUI to hold a 21-18 lead at the half despite going 8-32 from the field with nine turnovers. Five of Omaha’s 13 rebounds were recorded as team rebounds, perhaps a sign that Omaha was not getting after the balls hard enough and a lot of their rebounds were balls headed out of bounds off of IUPUI.

Omaha correct things in the second half when IUPUI grabbed just five of 18 opportunities, but the damage was done and IUPUI rode some hotter shooting (35%) to the victory. Omaha had an opportunity in the first half to put some space between them and the Jaguars but couldn’t do it and it cost them in the end. 

Omaha had a couple of opportunities to take the lead inside the final minutes. Taijhe Kelly made a nice cut to the basket on a pick and roll but her layup was no good and IUPUI got the rebound. Inside of the final minute Omaha had a possession end in a Jamie Nash jumper that was no good and not the shot Omaha wanted as Paige Frauendorfer couldn’t get open.

After Nash’s missed jumper she committed a foul with 37 seconds left that sent DeAirra Goss to the FT line. Hard to know if the Mavericks wanted to foul there as they could have tried to play defense for the full shot clock. On the other hand it sent IUPUI to the line in a 1-and-1 situation. Regardless of the intent Goss missed her 2nd FT which gave Omaha a chance to tie.

Omaha turned to Frauendorfer who put a spin move and perhaps a slight shove with the elbow on DeAirra Goss and created space for a jumper with 25 seconds left that tied things at 43 and provided Omaha’s first points since the 2:40 mark. IUPUI took a timeout and Omaha set up on defense. The Jaguars initially moved the ball to the left where Katie Comello took it threw it down low to Kerah Nelson. Taijhe Kelly might have been slightly out of position but Paige Frauendorfer provided a good double team and they nearly did enough to prevent the layup. It fell in unfortunately and gave the Mavericks their 2nd home Summit League loss and dropped them to 6-6 on the year in the conference.

It was a big shot to Omaha’s hopes of finishing in the top 3 as they are now 1.5 games behind South Dakota and still have to travel to South Dakota State in a couple of weeks. South Dakota has some tough games down the stretch but Omaha looks unlikely to finish better than 9-7 and they’d need South Dakota to lose two of their four games before the matchup in Omaha have a chance to knock them to 9-7.

Even then Omaha would lose the tiebreaker due to South Dakota owning a win over IUPUI, so Omaha probably needs to beat South Dakota State in Brookings, something that IUPUI did do, or hope the Coyotes lose three of their next four. Still fourth place is where the Mavericks sit and a place they can finish in with a 2-2 finish. That’d be a significant accomplishment in a year where they were picked to finish last and just a couple of years removed from an 8-18 season in D2. Jamie Nash and Paige Frauendorfer won just 20 games in the first two years and now have 31 over the last two years including 16 this season, the best total since 2007-08’s 17.

I’m not sure how noteworthy it is after Kelly’s seven blocks on Thursday night, but she followed it up with six on Saturday. She now has 18 blocks over the last three games after having 18 in her last 11 games combined. We’ve seen this at times over the last couple years with five vs. Saint Louis earlier this year and four on several occasions. She seems to have really raised her effort level recently and has started to show her potential. She’s up to 23rd nationally with 2.3 blocks per game and her 3.2 average over the last 10 games would be 7th nationally.

I don’t think it’s unfair to suggest she could lead the country in blocks as a senior if she keeps working hard. The key for her is going to be developing consistency game-to-game instead of just having a few majestic performances. She had two magnificent performances at the end of last year but hadn’t found that form again until the last few weeks. Whatever she’s doing right now, it’s working.

Omaha’s got some time off to rest and heal up a bit. Nash, Frauendorfer, and Blair-Mobley have been playing nearly every minute and can surely use a few days off. They’ll next face South Dakota State in Brookings on Thursday the 21st.

It was Over When: I won’t call it over with 0.7 seconds left because there could have been a foul or some other freak occurrence to get Omaha a chance to tie the game.

Player of the Game: Paige Frauendorfer wins it today with the 20 points and the eight rebounds.

Season Total:
Paige Frauendorfer (8)
Carolyn Blair-Mobley (6)
Jamie Nash (4)
Taijhe Kelly (4)
Cathleen Cox (1)
Casse Vaughn (1)

Efficiency Ratings:
Paige Frauendorfer – 16
Carolyn Blair-Mobley – 9
Taijhe Kelly – 9
Stacia Gebers – 3
Ericka House – 1
Jamie Nash – 1
Carly Cator – 1
Casse Vaughn – 0

Season Average:
Paige Frauendorfer – 14.3
Carolyn Blair-Mobley – 12.9
Jamie Nash – 9.9
Taijhe Kelly – 7.6
Ericka House – 5.8
Casse Vaughn – 5.4
Carly Cator – 3.3
Cathleen Cox – 2.4
Stacia Gebers – 2.3
Kate Bayes – 1.6
Myhiah Dotzler – 0.9
Allison Jackson – 0.7

Team Ratings: Slow game and a game where Omaha played fine defense but had an O-PPP that was the 2nd worst of the year. Their eFG% was the worst of the year and was ahead of only the ugly South Dakota game last year in the last two years. Omaha’s turnover rate was among their worst of the year and they didn’t rebound the ball defensively very well. It’s really amazing that Omaha was in a tied game in the final seconds with everything considered.

Possessions: 62
Offensive Points per Possession : 0.69
Defensive Points per Possession : 0.71
eFG%: 32.3%
Turnover Rate: 27.3%
Offensive Rebounding: 31.0%
Defensive Rebounding: 56.8%
A/B%: 60.0%
Floor%: 36.9%
FT Prod: 25.0

Response to 3 things to watch:
1) Taijhe Kelly – She did a good job defensively in most situations as she had six blocks, two steals, and grabbed five defensive rebounds to lead the team in that category.  Offensively she wasn’t at the level she has been in recent games and had a real good chance to give the Mavericks the lead in the final couple minutes but her layup didn’t fall.

2.) Ericka House – House was just 2-7 from the field and only got one three off, it didn’t fall. She’s real up in down in terms of shots taken at times and Omaha could have really used her shooting some more today. Nash took five threes, several of them late in shot clocks, but Omaha wasn’t able to get House open off threes.

3.) Jamie Nash – Nash had a rough afternoon but was able to limit things to four turnovers. She was just 3-12 from the field and didn’t grab a steal for the first time in 85 games.

Prediction Response: Omaha could have won this one, no doubt about that, but didn’t take advantage of opportunities in the 1st half and ended up needing a stop to get to OT. They couldn’t get it and ended up losing by a couple points.

Upcoming Opponent: South Dakota State, in Brookings, on the 21st. Mavericks will be rested up and well prepared for a tough road game. A victory their would be incredible.


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