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February 2, 2013

2012-13 Omaha Women’s Basketball – Game #21 Recap – Fort Wayne

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This was a game Omaha needed to win. They are entering the stretch that will define their season and they had a good opportunity to pick up a win at Fort Wayne to get it started. Fort Wayne shot only 35%, went 6-24 from three, and were outrebounded by eight. To quote Bo Pelini, “They’re (Omaha) doing some good things”.

Yet they didn’t do enough. They started off in an 18-4 hole as Fort Wayne hit three of their first five triples in the first eight minutes. Of course Omaha would play well after that, out scoring Fort Wayne 42-33 the rest of the way and holding the Mastodons to 3-19 shooting from three the rest of the way. But the damage was done and it ended being too much for Omaha to overcome. A team cannot dig themselves a hole of that magnitude on the road and expect to get out of it without playing fantastic.

Omaha played merely decent when you look at the game as a whole. Paige Frauendorfer only totaled six points on 2-11 shooting. Jamie Nash had eight turnovers and went 1-4 from the FT line. Ericka House went 0-8 from the field. Carolyn Blair-Mobley went 0-4 from the FT line. Nearly everyone was to blame in some aspect.

The last few minutes gave Omaha a few chances. A Taijhe Kelly layup brought the Mavericks within three with 1:59 left. After Amanda Hyde missed a jumper 22 seconds into the next possession Stefanie Mauk got an offensive rebound and Fort Wayne ran another 27 seconds off the clock. Omaha’s possession didn’t go well and Taijhe Kelly ended up taking a long jumper as the shot clock ran down, giving Fort Wayne the ball with 37 seconds left. The Mavericks wouldn’t touch the ball again until after Erin Murphy hit a jumper with 11 seconds left. they were down five. Those three possessions really ruined any Maverick chance of completing the comeback.

These things happen. It was one bad game after a good stretch, but it’s now four straight Summit League road games where Omaha has let opportunities slip. One of those at Western Illinois was their worst performance of the year but the other three have seen the game up for grabs in the final minute. Omaha’s a good enough team to come back from this and finish the year strong… but they need to do it. This team is also capable of falling apart and finishing below .500 in the Summit League.

Now that I’ve ranted about the bad play I want you to notice one name not up there. Taijhe Kelly’s. She can’t be blamed much after this performance. 3-4 from the field (2-4 from the FT line… not something you can complain about with her season average), three assists, only one turnover, and FIFTEEN rebounds. It was easily Kelly’s best performance of the season and best since her 18 rebound 14 point performance at New Orleans last year. The nice thing about this one in comparison to that one was the lack of turnovers and the very efficient shooting. Kelly had an Efficiency/Possession rating of 0.483 in this game. Jamie’s best rating of the season was 0.400 against Oakland and Paige’s was 0.417 against Fort Wayne the first time. So that’s just some perspective of how dominant Kelly’s performance was while not eating up a lot of possessions.

Now yes Kelly was playing against a much smaller Fort Wayne lineup. She had every opportunity to play like this and potentially should have done better on offense. Still though you have to go out and actually do it and for the most part she did in this game.

So where does Omaha go from here? Physically to Oakland of course but as a team they have been given a shot. Time to see how they respond to the punch. Offensively they have never gotten on track in conference and their offensive numbers have suffered greatly. The defense has been pretty consistent (only two teams have topped 62) but offensively they haven’t carried the weight.

This is a team desperate for some help scoring Kelly did a better job on Thursday but with House, Gebers, and Cator all scoreless and Vaughn scoring just two it was washed out. This team will not find a lot of success if the three stars are the only ones who can put up points. Thankfully they get a great chance to respond on Saturday at Oakland. We’ll see how they do.

It was Over When: Erin Murphy hit a jumper to make it a five point game with 11 seconds left. It was a crushing shot which ended any of Omaha’s chances.

Player of the Game: Taijhe Kelly earned this today. Eight points on 3-4 shooting, 2-4 on FTs, 15 rebounds, three assists, a steal, a block and ONE TURNOVER!

Season Total:
Paige Frauendorfer (7)
Carolyn Blair-Mobley (6)
Jamie Nash (4)
Taijhe Kelly (2)
Cathleen Cox (1)
Casse Vaughn (1)

Efficiency Ratings:
Taijhe Kelly – 21
Carolyn Blair-Mobley – 16
Paige Frauendorfer – 2
Jamie Nash – 2
Casse Vaughn – 2
Ericka House – 0
Allison Jackson – 0
Stacia Gebers – 0
Carly Cator – 0

Season Average:
Paige Frauendorfer – 14.0
Carolyn Blair-Mobley – 13.4
Jamie Nash – 10.5
Taijhe Kelly – 6.3
Casse Vaughn – 6.1
Ericka House – 5.6
Carly Cator – 3.3
Stacia Gebers – 2.4
Cathleen Cox – 2.4
Kate Bayes – 1.6
Myhiah Dotzler – 0.9
Allison Jackson – 0.8

Team Ratings: Much slower game so don’t worry so much about 46 points. DPPP wasn’t great for Omaha, but that should be good enough to win. Team shot okay but the turnovers killed them. Also not a good FT production rate.

Possessions: 59
Offensive Points per Possession : 0.80
Defensive Points per Possession : 0.87
eFG%: 44.6%
Turnover Rate: 26.0%
Offensive Rebounding: 32.3%
Defensive Rebounding: 76.5%
A/B%: 55.6%
Floor%: 45.9%
FT Prod: 10.9

Response to 3 things to watch:
1) Size Mismatch – Taijhe Kelly answered the call on this one clearly. The size advantage might have been the reason, but at least she took advantage.

2.) Perimeter Shooters – Omaha did a decent job on this as Fort Wayne went just 6-24 from three. They were much better inside the arc at 12-28, so perimeter shooting didn’t hurt the Mavericks much on Thursday.

3.) Strength on the Glass – Omaha did well here too… look my three keys to the game were all wins for Omaha Sad smile. Just didn’t do the things I figured were a given…

Prediction Response: Game was slower/lower scoring than I expected. And Omaha obviously didn’t do what I expected either…

Upcoming Opponent: Oakland is up next and Omaha will need to be prepared. The Golden Grizzlies aren’t great this year but they did win at Kansas City a couple weeks ago and that looks pretty good right now.


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