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January 30, 2013

2012-13 Summit League Basketball Power Rankings – January 30th

Men’s Power Rankings

SDST1.) South Dakota State – 16-6 (7-2) – Last Week: 1
Games last week: W vs. North Dakota State
Games this week: vs. South Dakota, vs. Kansas City

Backed up their number one ranking over the weekend. South Dakota is the only team they haven’t beaten in conference and they get them in Brookings this week.

NDST2.) North Dakota State – 16-5 (7-2) – Last Week: 2
Games last week: L @ South Dakota State
Games this week: vs. Kansas City, vs. South Dakota

They’re struggling without Taylor Braun but when the two losses are on the road and at South Dakota State and Western Illinois… well… excuse me if I’m not too worried. Four of the final seven conference games at home with the only road game that would really scare me at Oakland. Easier schedule than Western Illinois has.

WIU3.) Western Illinois – 16-5 (8-2) – Last Week: 3
Games last week: W @ Fort Wayne, L @ Oakland
Games this week: @ IUPUI

The loss at Oakland isn’t horrible but they also only beat Fort Wayne by three, not entirely convincing. They have three of the next four on the road including the road swing through the Dakotas. I’d be stunned if they didn’t lose one of those two and whoever beats them should be in line to finish ahead of them in the regular season.

OAK4.) Oakland – 10-13 (5-4) – Last Week: 5
Games last week: W vs. IUPUI, W vs. Western Illinois
Games this week: @ Omaha

A successful weekend and they’d really have a shout for 3rd but that loss by 19 at home to South Dakota makes me wonder. The game at Omaha this week is a chance to keep the momentum going and then we find out what they are made of when they host North Dakota State and South Dakota State the week after.

SDAK5.) South Dakota – 8-13 (4-5) – Last Week: 4
Games last week: L vs. Omaha
Games this week: @ South Dakota State, @ North Dakota State

Team is just too inconsistent with losses to Omaha, Fort Wayne and Kansas City in the last few weeks. How can they have such bad losses but also such great wins? They’ll stay at #5 for now unless Omaha can pick up some more wins and they keep dropping games. Need to at least be competitive at South Dakota State and North Dakota State this weekend.

NEBO6.) Omaha – 7-16 (4-6) – Last Week: 8
Games last week: W @ South Dakota, W @ Kansas City
Games this week: vs. Fort Wayne, vs. Oakland

Had a fantastic weekend and by far their most important of the season with the wins at South Dakota and Kansas City and now at home they try to carry that momentum against Fort Wayne and Oakland. The Mastodons are probably beatable, but the Golden Grizzlies will be a challenge. Omaha did stay within 12 at Oakland though. Only two more road games and IUPUI is one of them.

IPFW7.) Fort Wayne – 10-13 (3-6) – Last Week: 7
Games last week: L vs. Western Illinois, W vs. IUPUI
Games this week: @ Omaha

They are now 3-6 and the schedule is getting kind of daunting. Road games at Omaha, Oakland, South Dakota and Kansas City. Home games with South Dakota State, North Dakota State, and Oakland. Going to be an uphill battle to move up the standings at all. The one point win at home to IUPUI was very unconvincing. Game at Omaha is huge if they want to get back on the right track.

UMKC8.) Kansas City – 6-16 (3-6) – Last Week: 6
Games last week: L vs. Omaha
Games this week: @ North Dakota State, @ South Dakota State

Well they had that brief good stretch winning at South Dakota and Fort Wayne but things are more murky now after that loss at home to Omaha. They might be more deserving of #7 ahead of Fort Wayne but the Mastodons do have a much better overall record. Tough weekend coming up with the Dakotas.

IUPUI9.) IUPUI – 6-18 (1-9) – Last Week: 9
Games this week: L @ Oakland, L @ Fort Wayne
Games this week: vs. Western Illinois

Nearly pulled the upset at Fort Wayne. Best shots at another win will be Omaha and Kansas City. I expect they win one more conference game but this team has 2-14 written all over it to me.

Player of the ‘Last’ Week:
When you score 47 points in a game and set the school record with 11 three pointers… I’ll give you player of the week. Travis Bader did that against IUPUI and then added 26 points in the upset win over Western Illinois. Fantastic weekend for him and I get to see him in person on Saturday!  Excellent!

Game of the ‘Next’ Week:
After some amazing matchups the last two weekends and again in the next two weekends… this one is kind of dull. I suppose the best game is probably South Dakota @ South Dakota State.

Women’s Power Rankings

SDST1.) South Dakota State – 15-6 (7-1) – Last Week: 1
Games last week: W at Omaha
Games this week: @ South Dakota, @ Kansas City

Looked good at Omaha. Will be tested at South Dakota on Wednesday night in a game that could decide what we have for a women’s race. Wish I could be at that one!

SDAK2.) South Dakota – 11-10 (6-2) – Last Week: 3
Games last week: W @ Western Illinois, W @ IUPUI
Games this week: vs. South Dakota State, vs. North Dakota State

A very solid 2-0 weekend where they handled Western Illinois and then dominated IUPUI. If they could keep rolling at home this weekend they’re right in title contention. Only three road games remaining, at Oakland, Fort Wayne, and Omaha. Wednesday night is MASSIVE.

IUPUI3.) IUPUI – 11-9 (5-3) – Last Week: 2
Games last week: W vs. Kansas City, L vs. South Dakota
Games this week: @ Western Illinois, vs. Chicago State

Seem to be a clear #3 right now. Likely better than Omaha but not as good as South Dakota. Too inconsistent over the last few weeks. They need that win at Western Illinois bad and were 19 point victors in the matchup in Indianapolis.

NEBO4.) Omaha – 14-6 (4-4) – Last Week: 5
Games last week: W vs. North Dakota State, L vs. South Dakota State
Games this week: @ Fort Wayne, @ Oakland

Got the expected win against North Dakota State but South Dakota State proved too tall a task to tackle. Omaha has lost three straight conference road games and needs to play well this weekend in two road games they could win. If they do win them both they have four of the final six at home and are poised for a top four finish.

WIU5.) Western Illinois – 10-10 (3-5) – Last Week: 4
Games last week: L vs. South Dakota, L vs. Kansas City, @ Chicago State
Games this week: vs. IUPUI

Ugly weekend for Western Illinois. South Dakota isn’t a hugely surprising loss but the Kansas City one was not good. Especially not good when they didn’t even get a shot away before the final buzzer in a one possession game. They need to win vs. IUPUI pretty bad or they could have a really hard time catching anyone ahead of them right now.

UMKC6.) Kansas City – 7-14 (3-5) – Last Week: 9
Games last week: L @ IUPUI, W @ Western Illinois
Games this week: vs. North Dakota State, vs. South Dakota State

Considered keeping them as low as 8. They did lose to Oakland two weeks ago but they beat South Dakota, won at Western Illinois and nearly won at IUPUI. This team is playing so much better and is on the rise. I expect them to beat North Dakota State on Thursday and challenge the Jackrabbits on Saturday. If anyone from the bottom four ends up in the top four I’d pick them to be that team.

NDST7.) North Dakota State – 7-13 (3-5) – Last Week: 6
Games last week: L @ Omaha
Games this week: @ Kansas City, @ South Dakota

Well they only got one chance to play last weekend and they didn’t shoot well in a loss. They did beat IUPUI last weekend and own wins over Kansas City and Oakland this year. With four of the next six on the road though they could be heading into a losing streak, especially with how well Kansas City is playing right now.

IPFW8.) Fort Wayne – 7-13 (3-5) – Last Week: 7
Games last week: W vs. Oakland
Games this week: vs. Omaha

Win over Oakland ended a three game losing streak and this weekend they only play once again. Chance to heal up and maybe some fresh legs can push them down the stretch. After Omaha they have five of seven on the road so this is a needed home win.

OAK9.) Oakland – 8-12 (2-6) – Last Week: 8
Games last week: L @ Fort Wayne
Games this week: vs. Omaha

Think they still have some talent and are going to compete with people. Omaha can’t overlook them this week. Just can’t put them any higher when other teams seem to be showing more upside.

Player of the ‘Last’ Week:
Eilise O’Connor can go back-to-back in my book. She scored 24 of Kansas City’s 46 points (52.2%) at IUPUI in a one point loss and then 20 of Kansas City’s 51 (39%) in the one point win at Western Illinois. O’Connor also had nine rebounds at Western Illinois. She has scored 104 of Kansas City’s 220 points in the last four games… a whopping 47.3%. Amazing. I know Paige Frauendorfer had a great week for Omaha too but when someone is being so relied upon by there team I have a hard time looking away.

Game of the ‘Next’ Week:
South Dakota State at South Dakota on Wednesday night is going to be a fantastic matchup.

Do you all agree with the rankings at all?  Think I’m way off on some teams? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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