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January 14, 2013

2012-13 Omaha Women’s Basketball – Game 16 Recap – Western Illinois

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This was one of the uglier games of basketball I’ve watched. Omaha played really, really bad. Western Illinois went 44% from the field and 8-14 from 3 in the first half. Most of those 3’s were WIDE open, shockingly open really. Omaha countered by going 33% (8-24) from the field but managed to hang in the game somewhat, down 15. The 4-9 3-point shooting was the reason this wasn’t a 20 point game at the half. Omaha improved defensively for a while in the 2nd half before Western Illinois pulled away. Omaha shot a woeful 28.6% in the 2nd half and hit their first FG of the half with 14:40 to go. They had three halfway through and didn’t add a fourth until there was 6:54 to go and they were down 22.

For a team who was the best in the Summit League in FG% this was shockingly bad… let’s tick off the list of bad shooting numbers. Nash (1-4), Blair-Mobley (5-14), Frauendorfer (2-10), House (3-10), Vaughn (0-3). The five leading scorers for Omaha went a combined 11-41 (27%). Brutal. Omaha wasn’t taking horrible shots from what I could tell from the grainy video, but they weren’t hitting anything.

Omaha was out rebounded by seven in a game where they were nominally the better rebounding team, turned it over 18 times and watched Western Illinois patiently pass their way into open looks. The Leathernecks had 21 assists on 23 baskets. That’s pretty amazing, though Western Illinois is great at that part of the game.

Carolyn Blair-Mobley did score 20 points for Omaha. She hit three triples and went 7-8 from the FT line. She also grabbed nine rebounds. She had 45% of Omaha’s points and 31% of their rebounds. Even shooting 5-14 it’s hard to fault her much in this one. Western Illinois had a balanced attack: 12 from Ashley Luke, 12 from Michelle Maher (4-8 on 3’s), and 10 from Jackie Rieger. Seven players scored at least five points (only two Mavericks did) and six players had 2+ assists.

Taijhe Kelly probably had her best game in a while. She had four points on 2-4 shooting and grabbed six rebounds and three blocks. She still is struggling at times with controlling passes into her, two turnovers. Western Illinois went only 12-31 from inside the arc and Kelly played 27 minutes, a sign that Coach Lindley liked her defensive play to me. Noticeably Casse Vaughn played only six minutes for Omaha, lowest since the first game of the season. She’s also scoreless in two of the last four games.

Note of congratulations to Allison Jackson and Kate Bayes for their first points of their Maverick career late in the game.

It was an awful week for Omaha; blowing a lead against IUPUI and then showing nothing against Western Illinois. There are some questions to be asked of Omaha now, especially away from the Sapp Fieldhouse. They’ll have a chance to get back on track with what appears to be very winnable games at Chicago State (1-15) on Thursday and at Indiana Dabney (low level college team) before a couple of important Summit League games back at the Fieldhouse against North Dakota State and South Dakota State.

It was Over When: Omaha had cut it to 13 a couple of times despite their poor shooting start in the 2nd half. It was 16 at the 10:04 mark after Omaha had hit a couple of jumpers, but Western Illinois went on a 6-0 run to put this one away. Anywhere in there is when the dream ended for me.

Player of the Game: As mentioned earlier Carolyn Blair-Mobley probably is least deserving of blame in this one. 5-14 shooting but hit three triples (out of eight) and 7-8 from the FT line. Nine rebounds and a steal along with her twenty points.

Season Total:
Paige Frauendorfer (5)
Jamie Nash (4)
Carolyn Blair-Mobley (4)
Cathleen Cox (1)
Casse Vaughn (1)

Efficiency Ratings:
Carolyn Blair-Mobley – 16
Taijhe Kelly – 7
Jamie Nash – 2
Kate Bayes – 2
Carly Cator – 2
Ericka House – 1
Stacia Gebers – 1
Myhiah Dotzler – 1
Paige Frauendorfer – 0
Casse Vaughn – 0
Allison Jackson – 0

Season Average:
Paige Frauendorfer – 13.5
Carolyn Blair-Mobley – 13.1
Jamie Nash – 10.9
Casse Vaughn – 7.4
Ericka House – 6.5
Taijhe Kelly – 5.3
Carly Cator – 3.1
Cathleen Cox – 2.4
Stacia Gebers – 2.0
Kate Bayes – 0.5
Myhiah Dotzler – 0.3
Allison Jackson – 0

Team Ratings: Well the numbers here are pretty hard to look at. 2nd worst offensive performance of the year (Saint Louis was worse), though only .01 ppp worse than at IUPUI on Thursday. Worst defensive performance of the year and the Division 1 era. Mavericks were sloppy with the ball, didn’t shoot well, and were bad on the defensive glass allowing Western Illinois to blow out Omaha even though they didn’t shoot all that well (46%).

Possessions: 63
Offensive Points per Possession : 0.70
Defensive Points per Possession : 1.13
eFG%: 35.6%
Turnover Rate: 27.1%
Offensive Rebounding: 34.5%
Defensive Rebounding: 65.5%
A/B%: 43.8%
Floor%: 37.7%
FT Prod: 13.5

Response to 3 things to watch:
1) Can Omaha start fast? Or even normal? Can they stay consistent all game? – Omaha started slow, finished slow and were consistently slow throughout. Omaha scored eight points in the first five minutes, not a bad start really, but scored just seven over the next nine minutes or so and then only two points in the final 5:45 of the 1st half. 22 points is a bad half, and they did it both halves Saturday! It was just too much inconsistency all game.

2.) Shooting Slumps! – See the above shooting numbers… Nash (1-4), Blair-Mobley (5-14), Frauendorfer (2-10), House (3-10), Vaughn (0-3). Brutal. Let’s roll out the three game numbers now…

Ericka House – 8-28 (29%)
Jamie Nash – 5-20 (25%)
Paige Frauendorfer – 15-32 (47%) – The bright spot!
Carolyn Blair-Mobley – 11-36 (31%)
Casse Vaughn – 6-13 (46%) – Below normal, not horrible

Hopefully the easier competition level next week gets them rolling.

3.) Rebounding advantage – What should have been an advantage was anything but. Paige Frauendorfer only got four after three on Thursday. After going though a start to the season where she grabbed seven or more in 12 of the 14 games, six in the other two, she now has only seven in the last two games combined. Omaha did fine on the offensive glass but their downfall continues to be the defensive side where they gave up too many and allowed Western Illinois 10 2nd chance points.

Prediction Response: Well off, not even close. Didn’t think we’d see a performance like that. One to forget quickly and move on from.

Upcoming Opponent: Next up for Omaha is another road game in Illinois, next Thursday at Chicago State 1-16 (0-1). Chicago State just got BLOWN OUT by Utah Valley 71-38. Yes, the fearsome 7-11 Utah Valley team that lost by 24 at South Dakota and by 27 to a Tulsa team Omaha lost to by 1. Chicago State has been beaten by 20 or more in 14 games this season. Only Central Methodist (NAIA school) and Southern Illinois have beaten Chicago State by less, by two and three points. Chicago State’s lone win was over Indiana Northwest (NAIA school). If this game is remotely close… oh boy.


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