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January 12, 2013

2012-13 Omaha Swimming and Diving – Event #11 Recap – Northern Iowa

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Omaha hadn’t been in a competitive swim in over a month but showed no signs of rust while cruising to a 174-124 win at Northern Iowa. The Mavericks have now won four straight meets against other schools, beating South Dakota State, South Dakota and Northern Iowa (twice) in the process. Omaha has another matchup tomorrow against Illinois State in Normal at 2 PM!  Pretty quick turnaround but it’s only a 3 hour drive between Northern Iowa and Illinois State.

Complete results are available here. Here’s what I learned from this one…

1) doesn’t really have good numbers. It’s not that they are inaccurate it’s just that they don’t have a ton of data. For example it looks like they have data from only three Omaha meets this year. Not going to provide a very accurate picture of the team that way.
2) doesn’t have any kind of season bests available either. I’m not surprised; there really isn’t much interest in swimming and diving so it’s not like there’s a lot of demand for that kind of information to be easily available to the media.
3) Without any accurate idea what the season has been like for swimmers… it’s hard to say much other than whether they won the event or not. So for this recap (and tomorrow’s) I will be limited to recapping the events in order and showing the score as the meet went on. I hope to compile a list of Omaha’s times from this year during the week before the Grinnell Invite (next Friday and Saturday) so that more context can be provided to help in the future.

200 Yard Medley Relay – Northern Iowa won 13-4 (Projected Omaha 11-4)
Northern Iowa leads 13-4

1650 Yard Freestyle – Omaha won 14-5
Tied 18-18

200 Yard Freestyle – Northern Iowa won 10-9 (Projected Omaha 14-5)
Northern Iowa leads 28-27

100 Yard Backstroke – Omaha won 14-5 (Projected Omaha 12-7)
Omaha leads 41-33

100 Yard Breaststroke – Omaha won 12-7 (Projected Omaha 16-3)
Omaha leads 53-40

200 Yard Butterfly – Northern Iowa won 12-7 (Projected Northern Iowa 15-4)
Omaha leads 60-52

50 Yard Freestyle – Omaha won 12-7 (Projected Omaha 16-3)
Omaha leads 72-59

1 Meter Diving – Northern Iowa won 16-2
Northern Iowa leads 75-74

100 Yard Freestyle – Omaha won 13-6 (Projected Omaha 16-3)
Omaha leads 87-81

200 Yard Backstroke – Omaha won 12-7 (Projected Northern Iowa 14-5)
Omaha leads 99-88

200 Yard Breaststroke – Omaha won 14-5 (Projected Northern Iowa 14-5)
Omaha leads 113-93

500 Yard Freestyle – Omaha won 16-3 (Projected Omaha 14-5)
Omaha leads 129-96

100 Yard Butterfly – Omaha won 15-4 (Projected Omaha 13-6)
Omaha leads 144-100

3 Meter Diving – Northern Iowa won 16-2
Omaha leads 146-116

200 Yard IM – Omaha won 13-6 (Projected Omaha 16-3)
Omaha leads 159-122

800 Yard Freestyle Relay – Omaha won 15-2 (Projected Omaha 11-4)
Omaha wins the meet 174-124

Winners for Omaha tonight:
Mattea Fosbender – 1650 Yard Freestyle
Natalie Renshaw – 100 Yard Backstroke, 50 Yard Freestyle, 200 Yard Backstroke
Hannah Alexander – 100 Yard Breaststroke, 200 Yard Breaststroke
Cami Hansberry – 100 Yard Freestyle, 100 Yard Butterfly
Lexi Bergeron – 500 Yard Freestyle
Anna Haxby – 200 Yard IM
800 Yard Freestyle Relay – Mattea Fosbender, Christen Young, Natalie Renshaw, Whiteny Korgan

Runner-ups for Omaha tonight:
200 Yard Medley Relay – Ashley Kneifl, Katie Maier, Christen Young, Anna Haxby
Lexi Bergeron – 1650 Yard Freestyle
Erin Wright – 200 Yard Freestyle
Christen Young – 200 Yard Butterfly, 100 Yard Butterfly
Mattea Fosbender – 500 Yard Freestyle
800 Yard Freestyle Relay – Lexi Bergeron, Erin Wright, Hannah Johnson, Ashley Kneifl

1-2-3’s (1-2 in relay):
800 Yard Freestyle Relay (see above)
500 Yard Freestyle – Lexi Bergeron, Mattea Fosbender, Erin Wright

Illinois State tomorrow at 2 PM. They beat Northern Iowa 182-110 back in November, so this might be a really good matchup. Illinois State competed in the Copa Coqui Swim Invitational in Puerto Rico on January 5th so they aren’t coming off a huge layoff. I’ll take what I’ve learned from tonight and try to provide a better preview for that one!


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