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January 11, 2013

2012-13 Omaha Track and Field – Event #2 Preview – Dordt College Indoor Invitational

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Live Info (If Any)

It’s hard to tell exactly who will be in the Dordt College Indoor Invitational on Saturday, but it does appear on several teams schedules… so we have a good idea what the field will look like.

  • Dordt
  • Mt. Marty
  • Morningside
  • Briar Cliff
  • Northwestern College
  • Dakota Wesleyan
  • Sioux Falls
  • Dakota State
  • Wayne State
  • Omaha

We don’t have results from most of the teams to compare at all, but Sioux Falls, Dakota State, and Wayne State have some recorded results from earlier this year.

Here’s the numbers for those teams so far this year in the events that Omaha has competed in. This way we can compare Omaha in each event. Additionally I’ve listed the top three marks from last year’s Dordt College Open to see what kind of marks might be necessary to win. Finally I’ve bolded the Omaha School record for each event.

Women’s Long Jump – 5.35m/5.21m/5.19m – SR 6.11m
5.94m – Sami Spenner – Omaha
5.85m – Jazzelena Black – Sioux Falls
5.31m – Sidney Blum – Wayne St.
5.26m – Dani Moyer – Sioux Falls
5.16m – Lindsey Elston – Sioux Falls
5.08m – Morgan Swanson – Wayne St.
5.02m – Nicole Josephsen – Sioux Falls
4.90m – Becca Bedard – Sioux Falls
4.85m – Stephanie Baumgart – Wayne St.
4.75m – Jessica Ripp – Omaha
4.32m – Amanda Alexander – Omaha

In this even it looks like Sami Spenner has a petty good chance at winning or at least medaling.

Women’s Triple Jump – 10.88m/10.43m/10.36m – SR 13.76m
12.54m – Sami Spenner – Omaha
11.60m – Jazzelena Black – Sioux Falls
11.59m – Kristen Townley – Sioux Falls
11.26m – Sidney Blum – Wayne St.
10.88m – Morgan Swanson – Wayne St.
10.47m – Jessica Ripp – Omaha
10.31m – Lindsey Elston – Sioux Falls
 9.11m – Amanda Alexander – Omaha

Sami Spenner looks a good bet to win the triple jump as well.

Women’s Weight Throw – 14.69m/12.62m/12.15m – SR 17.07m
18.48m – Carly Fehringer – Wayne St.
17.85m – Emily Wells – Wayne St.
17.73m – Lachel Milander – Wayne St.
16.03m – Kyndra Sturm – Wayne St.
15.57m – Sara Wells – Wayne St.
15.32m – Marissa Whipple – Sioux Falls
14.56m – Hannah Steele – Sioux Falls
14.42m – Mackenzie Maching – Wayne St.
13.34m – Rachel Kruse – Sioux Falls
12.65m – Kaylee McMacken – Sioux Falls
12.51m – Elizabeth Thompson – Omaha
12.02m – Callan Sawtelle – Sioux Falls
11.26m – Haley Hinseth – Sioux Falls
10.85m – Shayna Dwyer – Dakota State

Doesn’t look like much chance here as Wayne State has some amazing throwers apparently. I was a little unsure that data was legit because of how much better their distances are… who knows.

Women’s 55m Dash – All times * for 60m Dash – 7.41/7.49/7.51 ~ 8.08/8.17/8.19 – SR 7.02
8.08 – DeAndra Richardson – Sioux Falls*
8.16 – Dani Moyer – Sioux Falls*
8.29 – Leah Wensmann – Sioux Falls*
8.30 – Kendra Knight – Sioux Falls*
8.37 – Brooke Stetzler – Sioux Falls*
8.50 – Jessica Ripp – Omaha*
8.52 – Becca Bedard – Sioux Falls*
8.61 – Stephanie Baumgart – Wayne St.*
8.69 – Megan Svitak – Wayne St.
8.87 – Amanda Alexander – Omaha*
8.87 – Miranda Felton – Wayne St.

Looks unlikely here as Sioux Falls has a group of good sprinters.

Women’s 55m Hurdles – All times * for 60m Hurdles – 8.38/8.77/9.15 ~ 9.14/9.57/9.98 – SR 7.99
8.95 – Sami Spenner – Omaha*

9.29 – Katlin Sawtelle – Sioux Falls*
9.29 – Lexi Guhl – Wayne St.*
9.68 – Summer Bronson – Dakota State*

This one might be a better shot as Sami Spenner has the best time of anyone I found coming into the meet. Her 60m hurdles time would have placed her 3rd in the 55m hurdles last year, so I think she can win this.

Women’s 800m – 2:18.74/2:21.60/2:22.37 – SR 2:07.14
2:35.87 – Michelle Gatewood – Omaha
2:39.73 – Karo Garcia – Omaha

No one to compare these two to, but their times are outside of the top three from last year by 13 seconds.

Women’s 1 Mile – 5:32.50/5:32.88/5:38.59 – SR 4:59.22
5:12.19 – Amanda Vorthmann – Omaha
5:15.15 – Ashley Kildow – Omaha

5:53.77 – Skyler Lippman – Wayne St.
6:07.45 – Anastasia Asimakopoulos – Dakota State
6:20.44 – Laura Camacho – Wayne St.
6:39.25 – Amber Wiebenga – Dakota State

The two Mavericks have the best time of the results I found and both are well (20 seconds) ahead of the top mark last year. 1-2 finish here seems possible.

Women’s 3000m – 10:27.94/10:43.64/10:55.61 – SR 9:50.04
11:10.80 – Kayla Fenske – Omaha

No one to compare to but Fenske is 15 seconds behind the 3rd place mark from last year. Perhaps she could medal.

These are the teams where I couldn’t find any results:
Dordt – No Results
Mt Marty – No Results
Morningside – No Results
Briar Cliff – No Results
Northwestern College – No Results
Dakota Wesleyan – No Results

I’m going to try to do actual, legitimate previews of Track Meets… I have no idea if this will be remotely possible or helpful, but I’ll give it a whirl for now. Does knowing the previous results ahead of time give you some idea what the field might look like? We’ll see. Obviously season best marks aren’t going to be hit every week, but they do show capabilities at the least.


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