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January 4, 2013

Pictures from the Omaha-Oakland Women’s Game – 1/3/13

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All photos taken by my lovely wife Smile.


Mavericks stretch before the game.


Taijhe Kelly in pregame warmups.


Paige Frauendorfer goes up for a layup early in the game.


They guarded Jamie Nash pretty far out from the 3-pt line all game.


Always love seeing a play develop in a photo. Here Taijhe Kelly sets a screen to try and give Paige Frauendorfer some space.


Here’s Paige Frauendorfer taking that shot, you can see her defender didn’t really have the chance to close her down before she got the shot off.


Jamie Nash FT on the way. You can see the Golden Grizzlies boxing out on this one.


Jamie Nash trying to get her hands on a steal in the 1st half. She didn’t get this one but she did get five in the game.


Carolyn Blair-Mobley with a jumper in the paint. Carolyn has a nice ability to hit the outside shots and be strong in the paint.


Jamie Nash bringing the ball up court in the first half.


Jamie Nash hitting a FT line jumper in the second half. Jamie was able to find several of these in the game.


I would advise defenses to never leave Carolyn Blair-Mobley this wide open from deep, though she missed the shot.


Jamie Nash and Paige Frauendorfer combined for a fastbreak basket here. Nash snuck out ahead of the defense and Paige got her the ball quickly.


Paige Frauendorfer was one of many Mavericks showing hustle trying to keep balls alive. This one looks painful for the opposition.


Paige Frauendorfer going up strong to secure a rebound.


Back-to-back possessions late in the game it seemed like Oakland fell asleep a bit on defense and forgot Paige Frauendorfer. Pass is on its way from Jamie Nash here.


And here’s Paige Frauendorfer with the easy finish at the rim.


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