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November 15, 2012

2012-13 Omaha Men’s Basketball – Game 3 Recap – Texas Tech

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Well the loss was by a much larger margin than Sunday night but all things considered it’s a night you can be much happier with. Texas Tech is obviously a much tougher opponent than Saint Mary and expecting a win was asking too much. Instead we asked to see some good effort and progress made. I think the team played hard, they never quit, but there wasn’t enough to hang with Texas Tech in the end.

Omaha got down 6-0 quickly and some might have worried this wouldn’t ever be close, but the Mavericks cut it to 9-6 and had it within five at 13-8 and 20-15.  Simmons had five of the first nine and any doubts I had about his situation after the technical on Sunday were quickly erased. It’s now a non-issue. Texas Tech went on an 8-0 run to extend to a 13 point lead and you felt like Omaha might be down for the count, but they got back up. Alex Phillips sparked a 5-0 run for the Mavericks with a 3 and a layup and the Mavericks were back within 8. The lead bounced around between 8 and 12 the rest of the half until Justin Simmons hit 2 FTs to make the score 43-37 at the half.

There were some problems with the first half, namely that Texas Tech missed 28 shots and grabbed offensive rebounds on 15 of those. That led to 12 second chance points for the Red Raiders and meant that despite only shooting 39% to Omaha’s 45% they were ahead. Omaha did a good job with the ball only turning it over seven times in the first half and no one player seemed to have issues turning it over, save perhaps Jacques Coleman who had two turnovers in his limited time on the court of two minutes. Justin Simmons had a great half shooting 4-6 and scoring 11 points while grabbing two boards. CJ Carter didn’t seem to have his shot and went 1-4 but did grab five boards and three assists to help make up for it. Karhoff and Phillips each added eight points in the first half as the Mavericks didn’t go down the bench very far. Phillips and Marcus Tyus (10 minutes) were the only ones to play more than 3 minutes off the bench. Koang Doluony had two personal fouls and only saw seven minutes. The half was particularly whistle free as the two teams combined for only 11 fouls and neither team reached the bonus.

Omaha remained within touch for the first few minutes of the second half as they still trailed 51-44. They gave up a quick 6-0 run and you knew they needed to weather this run or they would fall out of the game. They weren’t able to do it this time and that 6-0 run turned into a 22-5 run and put the Red Raiders up 24, 73-49 with 9:43 left in the game. From then on the game was fairly even with Omaha trailing by 23, 86-63, with 3:43 to go before going scoreless the rest of the way and losing 91-63.

Once Tech had their big run in the bank they rested their starters a lot with only two starters playing more than seven minutes in the second half. Omaha played theirs a bit more but also gave about half the minutes in the 2nd half to bench players. The 2nd half was another good shooting half for Omaha, better even than the first half, but they turned it over 10 times and allowed Tech too many second chances again. Tech had eight more shots than Omaha and eight more free throw attempts than Omaha in the second half. Those numbers really helped Tech add to their lead (especially coupled with 55% shooting and 4 turnovers in the 2nd half).

By my estimation Tech scored on their first seven possessions in the 2nd half and scored on 22 of 31 possessions before the final three minutes.  It’s really hard to stay with a team when 70% of the time they come down the court they are scoring at least one point, even if you’re playing decent offense.

It was Over When: You can pick almost any moment you want after that run had broken open. I’ll pick right around the 12:27 mark where CJ Carter had the ball stolen and Daylen Robinson laid it in to go up 64-45 with 12:23 left. By that point I knew it was over and just hoped that the run wouldn’t go on the rest of the night.

Player of the Game: Justin Simmons played the best of all the Mavericks on Wednesday. Simmons was limited a bit by his knee injury from Sunday, so he only played 20 minutes. In those twenty minutes he went 5-8 and 3-4 from the FT line to lead the Mavericks with 13 points. He also grabbed two rebounds and made no turnovers! His development is going to be important for Omaha to have success this year.

Season Total:
CJ Carter (1)
John Karhoff (1)
Justin Simmons (1)

Stat Leaders: Justin Simmons became the 3rd Maverick in 3 games to lead in scoring as he had 13. Three other Mavericks scored in double figures: John Karhoff with 11 and Alex Welhouse and Alex Phillips with 10. CJ Carter became the 3rd different player to lead Omaha in rebounding as he grabbed six.  Carter also led in assists as he had four with no other Maverick with more than two. Good to see that Carter was contributing in other ways despite his 1-6 shooting and 2 points. Also that is ONLY six shots he took, didn’t push his offensive game too much once he didn’t seem to be scoring.  Encouraging sign. Five Mavericks registered a steal: CJ Carter, John Karhoff, Alex Phillips, Jacques Coleman, and Matt Hagerbaumer.

Leading the Team Season Total
CJ Carter (1)
John Karhoff (1)
Justin Simmons (1)

CJ Carter (1)
John Karhoff (1)
Alex Welhouse (1)

CJ Carter (2)
Justin Simmons (1)

CJ Carter (3)
Jacques Coleman (1)
Koang Doluony (1)
Matt Hagerbaumer (1)
John Karhoff (1)
Alex Phillips (1)
Marcus Tyus (1)
Alex Welhouse (1)

Player Ratings (Positionally Adjusted Win Score): 
Justin Simmons – 1.953
Matt Hagerbaumer – 1.661
Caleb Steffensmeier – 1.578
Alex Phillips – 0.977
Alex Welhouse – 0.318
C.J. Carter – 0.244
John Karhoff – 0.222
Koang Doluony – 0
Marcus Tyus – (-0.244)
Simon Krych – (-0.581)
Tyler Egli – (-1.645)
Jacques Coleman – (-7.576)

Can see here that Simmons had a great night as did Hagerbaumer and Steffensmeier. Both of them did get a lot of playing time in the second half where the bench players from Texas Tech were playing more, so that may have skewed them up some. Hagerbuamer had a solid all-around game with 2 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block, and 1 steal. Alex Phillips also had a good game while four of the five starters had fairly mediocre games.  Four players had negative win scores including Marcs Tyus, who needed seven shots to score his seven points and turned it over twice. Jacques Coleman had the worst night as he turned it over five times in five minutes. According to win score, Coleman did as much to hurt Omaha’s chances of winning as Simmons and Hagerbaumer did to help it. Not a good night for him, but we’ve seen him play well before and I think he’ll bounce back.

Season Total:
Matt Hagerbaumer – 1.778
Marcus Tyus – 1.542
Alex Phillips – 1.280
Alex Welhouse – 0.975
Justin Simmons – 0.758
Caleb Steffensmeier – 0.717
C.J. Carter – 0.624
John Karhoff – 0.562
Koang Doluony – 0.543
Simon Krych – 0.166
Jacques Coleman – (-0.789)
Tyler Egli – (-1.316)

Team Ratings: This game was the slowest one Omaha has played in so far (which made it funny to see Texas Tech fans talking about how quick this game was) with just 73 possessions. Omaha gave up 91 points not because of the pace but because they were allowing 1.24 points per possession. As I mentioned earlier Omaha was allowed Texas Tech to score on 70% of the possessions for most of the 2nd half. That 1.24 mark was among the five worst Omaha has had since moving to D1. Offensively Omaha only scored 0.86 points per possession which is also in the top five of their worst numbers. and usually refers to a night they didn’t play well. The reason they had such a low number despite an eFG% of  50.9% (which is fairly average) is that they grabbed so few offensive rebounds (13.3% offensive rebounding %) and had a high turnover ratio. They didn’t get a lot of second chances and a quarter of the time (23.2% turnover rate) they got nothing since they committed a turnover.

Defensively on the glass the Mavericks were torched time and time again only grabbing 48.7% of the available boards. This allowed Texas Tech many second chances and wore the Mavericks down as they had to keep playing defense after getting an initial stop.

Omaha got assists on 46.2% of their made baskets, nothing to write home about, and scored on 41.1% of their possessions (big contrast to Texas Tech). One big problem was the lack of FTs, they had a horrible FT production rating of 10.7. Could be partially due to the way the game was refereed, Texas Tech’s was only 16.9, but it also had something to do with Omaha not getting enough fouls on driving to the basket.

Possessions: 73
Offensive Points per Possession : 0.86
Defensive Points per Possession : 1.24
eFG%: 50.9%
Turnover Rate: 23.2%
Offensive Rebounding: 13.3%
Defensive Rebounding: 48.7%
A/B%: 46.2%
Floor%: 41.1%
FT Prod: 10.7

3 stats that tell the tale of the game:

1) Defensive Rebounding % – Can’t allow your opponent to grab most of their missed shots… and Omaha did grabbing only 48.7% of defensive rebounds available.

2) Turnover Rate – Can’t turn it over on one out of every four possessions and expect to stay in a game on the road… Omaha did turning it over on 23.2% of possessions.

3) Defensive Floor % – Can’t allow your opponent to score on two out of every three possessions… and Omaha did as Texas Tech scored on 64.7% of their possessions.

Response to 3 things to watch:

1) FT Shooting – Well when I said FT shooting I didn’t know the main complaint I would have is that they barely did! Mavericks only shot nine FTs and hit six of them. It definitely didn’t help in the second half as it let the game get out of hand quicker and didn’t give the Mavericks chances to stop Tech runs and stay in it. Going to have to do better against Tulane as Omaha is a team that needs some FTs to be generated to win.

2.) Omaha’s Achilles’ Heels (Turnovers and Defensive Rebounding) – I think I’ve said plenty about this already… we all know the situation here.

3.) Rest/Rotation – So for starters… Justin Simmons is one. Can stop wondering about that. Alex Phillips is clearly the 6th man and Marcus Tyus seems to be the 7th. Koang Doluony is the start likely to play the least as Phillips will be spelling him and Simmons mostly. Steffensmeier seems to be making a good case to be the backup to Carter while Hagerbaumer is spelling Karhoff and making a case to get more playing time in my opinion. I’d like to see him used to spell Welhouse some, giving him 15 minutes a night if possible.

Prediction Response: I was off by five points in either direction as I said 86-68 (actually 91-63). Not a surprising result and about where we expected. If Omaha hadn’t gone cold at the end it w0uld have been closer.

Upcoming Opponent: Tulane (1-1) on Friday afternoon. A win is probably too much to expect but I’d like to see Omaha stay in it most of the game.

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