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November 14, 2012

2012-13 UNO Men’s Basketball – Game 3 Quick Reaction – Texas Tech

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Thought tonight I’d start a new feature… quick reactions. This way I can share a few thoughts and stats quickly and finish a longer write up by the next morning.

In no particular order.

1) Omaha shot really well actually. 15-33 in the first half and 11-23 in the second half. 46% for the game. Definitely didn’t lose the game with their shooting.
2) 3-point shooting left something to be desired and the 1-8 2nd half contributed to allowing Tech to pull away.
3) Omaha didn’t get to the free throw line much. 3-4 in the 1st half and 3-5 in the 2nd half. That definitely hurt Omaha’s chances of hanging in the game as they were forced to hit shots and couldn’t depend on grabbing some from the strip.
4) Omaha got absolutely walloped on the boards. Out-rebounded overall by 21 the Mavericks allowed Texas Tech to grab 49% of their offensive rebound opportunities. Ouch. Hard to beat a team when you let them get a 2nd chance half the time they miss.
5) I think the balanced scoring look is good for Omaha (Simmons 13, Karhoff 11, Welhouse and Philips with 10) but CJ Carter going 1-6 and only getting 2 points was disappointing. Still has a lot of room for improvement.
6) Bright spot on the boards was Carter with 6, but you can’t be letting your PG be your leading rebounder… not a good sign.
7) Mavericks actually did fairly well to only commit 17 turnovers. Texas Tech ran some press at them and Omaha didn’t turn it over any worse than previous games.
8) Koang Doluony didn’t have as good a game as Sunday night and saw his minutes shrink. Simmons didn’t play as much partially due to his knee cap injury (turns out the technical foul had no real ramifications). Phillips is going to play a lot off the bench. Steffensmeier got 12 minutes to Coleman’s 5, but Tyus played more than either with 16. Matt Hagerbaumer had his most extensive game of the year with 14 minutes. Stat line is fairly solid. 2 points (1-1 shooting with a missed FT), 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block, 1 steal.
9) Texas Tech got 63% of their points from just 3 players. Part of the reason they didn’t pull away in the 1st half was the shooting (18-46) wasn’t nearly as strong as in the 2nd half (17-31).
10) Note that Tech took 77 shots to Omaha’s 56. Not good stat for Omaha. Offensive rebounding and turnovers were too areas Omaha lost badly (-9 in turnovers, -16 in offensive rebounds). That is how you get 21 more shots than your opponent.
11) Interesting that Tech grabbed over half their misses in the 1st half and Omaha limited that to 40% in the 2nd half… where Tech then made one less basket in 15 less shots… if only they’d limited Tech’s 2nd chances in the FIRST half they may have held a lead!
12) Tech scored 12 of their 43 points on 2nd chances in the 1st half. Just two of 48 on 2nd chances in the 2nd half. Definitely positive that Omaha did a better job rebounding in the second half.
13) We often talk about weathering storms and runs in games like this… Tech had two big runs that gave them their margin.  An 8-0 run in the first half and a 22-5 run in the second half. Other than those stretches Omaha was able to play with them but you aren’t going to be able to stay in games when you have no chance of answering multiple runs of that size.
14) Omaha’s turnover rate was very similar to the last two games, around 1 in 4 possessions ending in turnovers. Where this game different a lot was that Omaha only scored on around 41% of possessions vs. around 50% in the previous couple games. Think this has a lot to do with the FT production which had an awful 10.7 rating. They did manage to limit the Red Raiders to 18 free throws…
15) I thought the effort was there so I’m not really disappointed in tonight at all. Aren’t going to upset teams like Texas Tech much, staying with them for a half was a fun thing to watch.
16) Omaha gets a chance to play again in just 36 hours. It’s a quick turnaround on the road at Tulane Friday afternoon. Mavericks get another chance to show improvement then.  It’s also their best chance to pickup a win on this 3-game road swing.


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