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November 19, 2011

2011-12 UNO Men’s Basketball – Game 3 Recap – UMKC

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UNO put up a good showing to future conference rival UMKC on Wednesday night as the Mavericks played even with the Roos for 39 minutes and 58 seconds. Unfortunately the final two seconds were scored three to nothing for the Roos and the Mavericks fell 77-74.

After a Caleb Steffensmeier jumper in the lane had tied things at 74, the Roos had the ball with just under 36 seconds left. Reggie Chamberlain, who had put up 25 on the Mavericks so far in the night, held the ball and waited for the clock to run down. He got a screen to free himself from his defender, and John Karhoff stepped out to guard him. It’s hard to fault the defense of Karhoff, he got out and got his hands up but Chamberlain just made a better play and hit the three. UNO wasn’t able to find a three on a last second attempt and came up short.

UNO trailed by as many as six in the first half but a late push, led by Mitch Albers who had 18 first half points, gave UNO a one point lead at the half. UNO played well out of the break as well, briefly giving UMKC a couple of one point leads before pulling away to a 65-58 lead with 7:34 to go in the game and still had that lead with 6:30 to go.

Over the next minute and a half though UMKC hit 2 threes and 2 FTs while UNO missed the front end of two one-and-ones missed one other shot. The two one-and-one misses were crucial, denying the Mavericks precious chances to extend that lead at the line. UNO put together one more mini-run, keyed by a great few plays be C.J. Carter who found room to start driving to the basket. After taking a 70-66 lead with 4:15 to go, UNO gave up another three and 2 more FTs sandwiched around a turnover on a missed entry pass to Karhoff.

Still UNO had a chance, and with a minute to go they had the ball down two. After a very messy possession Caleb Steffensmeier, very late in the shot clock, found space in the lane and hit his jumper. And as mentioned earlier, it was all for naught when Chamberlain hit his there. I will say I disagreed with the style UNO played late, I’m a big believer in 2-for-1 and think UNO should have tried to run a play much earlier in their possession with a minute to go. They had plenty of timeouts and could have set something up instead of giving UMKC the ball back with only 35 seconds to go.

Mitch Albers was fantastic in the first half scoring 18 points on 6-10 shooting, but UMKC managed to figure out how to slow him down in the 2nd half holding him to eight points on 3-7 shooting. C.J. Carter on the other hand had just three first half point on 1-5 shooting, but scored eight in the second half on 3-3 shooting. Caleb Steffensmeier played a nice controlled game for UNO with four assists and only one turnover. He only scored five points but two of those were when it mattered most. Karhoff (18 points) and Welhouse (10 rebounds) both were key, though Welhouse was credited with six of UNO’s 16 turnovers. Mitch Albers also had two spectacular blocks chasing down players on the fast break and denying layups. Both were totally clean and great plays.

It was Over When: Well UNO had a fighting chance on the last play with 1.3 to go, but the miss there ended the chance of forcing OT.

Player of the Game: I have a hard time choosing between Albers and Karhoff. I’m going to lean towards Karhoff because of the number of shots Albers had (17). Karhoff put up his 18 points on 7-8 shooting while going 4-5 from the line. His one miss from the field? The attempt on the last shot of the game. He also added five rebounds and two assists. He was also a large part of the reason UNO out scored UMKC 34-20 in the paint.

Season Total:
John Karhoff (1)
Mitch Albers (1)
Bill Freeman (1)

Stat Leaders: 

Mitch Albers led three UNO players in double figures with 26 followed by John Karhoff with 18 and C.J. Carter with 11. Alex Welhouse led UNO with 10 rebounds while John Karhoff added five. Mitch Albers led UNO with five assists, Caleb Steffensmeier contributed four. Finally both C.J. Carter and Mitch Albers had two steals for UNO.

Leading the Team Season Total
Mitch Albers (2)
C.J. Carter (1)

Alex Welhouse (3)

Mitch Albers (3)

C.J. Carter (2)
Mitch Albers (1)
Caleb Steffensmeier (1)

Player Ratings (Positionally Adjusted Win Score): 
Bill Freeman – 1.919
Matt Hagerbaumer – 1.550
John Karhoff – 1.438
Mitch Albers – 1.156
Caleb Steffensmeier – 0.574
Alex Welhouse – 0.547
C.J. Carter – 0.504
John Ring – (-0.667)
Mitchell Farr – (-3.255)

You can see only two players who played significant minutes had scores above one. Just not enough full stat lines Wednesday night to put up good scores.

Season Total:
Tyler Egli – 7.031
Bill Freeman – 1.974
Jacques Coleman – 1.894
Mitch Albers – 1.718
Caleb Steffensmeier – 1.205
John Karhoff – 1.181
Matt Hagerbaumer – 0.930
Alex Welhouse – 0.703
C.J. Carter – 0.672
John Ring – 0.300
Mitchell Farr – (-0.651)

Any guesses for who I’m most likely to write a post about deserving more minutes :)?

Team Ratings: The game had 69.9 possessions, three below UNO’s average so far, and UNO had an Offensive Rating of 105.88 and Defensive Rating of 110.18. Both were below average for UNO, but better than against IPFW.

UNO had an eFG% of 57.8 and a True Shooting % of 61.9, both were well improved from the IPFW game and right around average when for the year. These are both good offensive numbers.

Of concern for UNO is the Offensive Rebound %, they only grabbed 12% of available boards, down from around 28% in both of their first two games. The Defensive Rebound %, 71.4%, was right in line with their numbers so far and not a huge problem. It was an improvement compared to their performance against IPFW as well.

3 stats that tell the tale of the game: 

1) Offensive Rebounding % – I know I just mentioned it but this was crucial. UNO only got three rebounds off their missed shots which meant UNO didn’t get as many chances as they normally would in a game like this. Even three more rebounds would have meant 3 more chances to score which would have been crucial in a game like this.

2) Shot Selection – Hate to have to harp on this again… but UNO went 3-17 (17.6%) from three and 25-34 (73.5%) from inside the arc. Wow. It should be noted that UNO only took six threes in the 2nd half after going 15-19 from inside the arc in the first half. They didn’t shoot quite as well inside (only 10-15!) but they clearly understood where there best chance to score was and went for it.

3) UMKC 3-Point Shooting – You can’t talk about this game without mentioning it. UMKC decided to roll with the three and it paid off as they shot 13-30. eFG% is the stat that shows you how there point shooting can be great, even if you shoot a bit worse. In this case UMKC had a slightly better eFG% than UNO despite the fact that in traditional stats UNO shot better (54% vs. 46%). When you can hit the three like UMKC did it will make up for some of those misses. UNO gave up too many open threes or threes were they gave the shooter too much space.

Response to 3 things to watch:

1) Offensive Rebounding – See point 1 above. UMKC came in giving up 41% of the boards on their misses and held UNO to 12%. Part of that is probably based on UMKC playing some teams who rebound well, but that big of a discrepancy shows UMKC focused hard on hitting the boards and UNO left something to be desired in a weakness they should have exploited.

2.) Defensive Presence – Another not good statistic… a UMKC team that had scored 58 and 62 scored 77 against UNO while shooting over 10 percentage points better than they did in the first two games. UNO is never going to be known as a strong defensive team, but UMKC seemed like a team they should be able to hold down a bit more than they did.

3.) Playing Rotation – Well we learned that UNO is going to tighten the minutes in a close game like this against stiffer opposition. UNO’s five starters played between 31 and 37 minutes and the bench players combined for only 31 minuets. Bill Freeman got the most at 12, and actually had the best statistics of anyone. He seems to be the 6th man on this team and if he continues to play well I imagine his playing time will grow. Mitchell Farr seems like he’ll get a few minutes each game, but he hasn’t made the most of them yet so he hasn’t earned any more playing time.

Inside John Ring continues to be the first option, getting 10 minutes to Hagerbaumer’s three on Wednesday. Hagerbaumer’s stats have been better but he has n’t seen any uptick in playing time.

Prediction Response: I was about spot on where I thought UNO would be, but UMKC definitely scored more than I expected. I was impressed with Chamberlain, UNO didn’t know how to stop him, and they just hit more shots than expected.

Upcoming Opponent: UNO next plays at South Dakota on Sunday. South Dakota is 0-2 to start the year with losses at Nebraska and Eastern Washington.

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