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November 15, 2011

2011-12 UNO Women’s Basketball – Game 2 Recap – Metro State

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On Saturday night UNO got their first good test of the year when they faced D2 #7 Metro State in Denver. The Mavericks had come off a great performance against Western State, but they would see pretty quickly that Metro State would be a bigger challenge.  The first half saw the lead change hand 6 times, UNO leading by as many as 3 and Metro State leading by as many as 7. The half ended when the lead settled at 3 for Metro State. Jamie Nash paced the Mavericks with 11 points and 4 assists in the first half.

The 2nd half was extremely competitive as Jamie Nash and Paige Frauendorfer took over for the Mavericks trying to will them to victory. They combined for 16 of UNO’s 24 shots and 24 of UNO’s 34 points in the 2nd half. Jamie even added 6 rebounds and 4 assists in the 2nd half while Paige added 4 steals. The two were able to turn a 45-37 deficit into a 54 all tie when they scored 15 of 17 for UNO over a 7 minute span.

Metro State’s Jasmine Cervantes hit a shot to make it 62-59 with 2:43 to go, and then the defenses took over. Jamie Nash followed up a Amanda Woodring missed 3 and cut the lead to 1 with 1:38 to go. UNO was able to get the ball back but an offensive foul was called off the ball on Amanda Woodring to give the ball back to Metro State. With 30 seconds to go Paige Frauendorfer was able to get a crucial steal and give UNO the ball down 1. UNO took a timeout, but whatever they drew up didn’t look good. Jamie Nash had the ball the entire possession and wasn’t able to create a good look. She took an awkward shot which missed with 1 second left. Metro State hit 2 FTs to go back up 3.

UNO caught a huge break as Amanda Woodring was fouled with 1 second still left. Unfortunately Woodring missed the front end of a 1-and-1, ending any hopes for UNO. The last 30 seconds did not go well for UNO, but I think the fact that UNO competed with Metro State for the entire game should be a good sign. This is especially true when you consider that UNO really didn’t play all that well… Jamie Nash went for 22 and Paige Frauendorfer went for 19, but no other players were in double figures. Three players played between 10 and 20 minutes without scoring.

Kristin Valencia led Metro State with 20 points, Alyssa Benson added 15 (on 5-8 shooting from 3), and Jasmine Cervantes added 11 points. Caley Dow fought her way to 13 rebounds inside including 6 offensive rebounds. Metro State did struggle to shoot, hitting only 31% of their shots and 30% overall.

It was Over When: Obviously this one came down to the final second, it wasn’t over until Amanda Woodring missed the front end of her 1-and-1.

Player of the Game: I’m going to give this one to Jamie Nash, narrowly, over Paige Frauendorfer. Both players were huge for the Mavericks, but I think Jamie did just a bit more. She had 22 points, 7 rebounds, 4 steals, and 8 assists for UNO. She did commit 4 turnovers, but only one of those was in the 2nd half.

Stat Leaders: Jamie Nash led the Mavericks for the first time this year in points with 20. She led UNO for the 2nd straight game in assists with 8. Jamie also led UNO in rebounds with 7, the first time she’s done such this year. The only stat she got edged out in was steals where Paige Frauendorfer led the team for the first time this year with 5.

Player Ratings (Win Score): 
Paige Frauendorfer – 2.204
Jamie Nash – 2.178
Stacia Gebers – 0.768
Heather Pohl – 0.678
Taijhe Kelly – 0.667
Cathleen Cox – 0.505
Rese Huddlin – 0.411
Zenta Liepa – (-0.556)
Amanda Woodring – (-1.367)
Jessica Zaruba – (-3.906)

It’s easy to see how Paige and Jamie dominate at the top of the list. The most interesting thing to me is that no other UNO player rates as average on this list (1 is average). It is true that the formula is probably a little incorrect for women’s basketball, but even looking at Stacia Gebers line it’s hard to be impressed. She played 30 minutes and only put up 4 rebound, 1 assist and 5 points. She also fouled twice and had to take 5 shots to get those 5 points. Those kind of numbers are not going to create many wins. UNO strongly benefited from the fact that Jamie Nash and Paige Frauendorfer basically played the entire game, because they were the only ones filling up the stat sheet.

Team Ratings: Time to introduce you to a few more new statistics here.

First off is Offensive and Defensive Efficiency Ratings. To determine these you need to calculate possessions (FGA – Orb (since that is the same posession) + TO + .44*FTA) * .96 = Possession. Simply multiply the points scored by 100 and divide by the possessions to get the ratings. For UNO against Metro State their offensive rating was 96.39 and the defensive rating was 101.13. There were 63.28 possesions in the game (down from 72.35 in the previous game). A rating of 100 is equivalent to scoring 1 point per possession. As you can see UNO was just a bit under that mark and they allowed Metro state to be just above it.

Next up is shooting percentage, but more advance versions! Effective FG% is basically a statistic taking into account that made 3 pointers should be worth more than made FGs. To calculate eFG you add field goals made and .5*3 point field goals made. Then divide that by the FGA. To calculate True Shooting %, which is basically points per shooting possession, you add .44*Free throw attempts and the number of field goal attempts. Then divide the points scored by 2 times that value. UNO had an eFG% of 50% and a True Shooting % of 52.7%. Both were down from Friday night.

The final, and simplest statistic is rebound rate. Rebound rate is what% of available rebounds the team grabbed. It’s best to break it down into Offensive Rebound % and Defensive Rebound % since that is more telling. In Saturday’s game UNO did okay on the offensive glass grabbing 25.8% of available rebounds. It’s not an amazing number, but if you can keep 1/4 of possession alive it certainly helps some. Where UNO got KILLED was on the defensive glass. Amazingly UNO was actually OUT REBOUNDED on the defensive glass. UNO only grabbed 49% of available rebounds. It’s usually pretty typical to get around 70% of your defensive rebounds, so to be below 50 is pretty bad.

3 stats that tell the tale of the game: 

1) Offensive Rebounds – As I just mentioned, UNO got killed on the Defensive Glass. What was the result of letting Metro State get to continue their possession 50% of the time when they missed a shot? Metro State had 70 FGA to UNO’s 50 and won despite shooting only 31%.

2) Bench points – UNO got a woeful 7 points off the bench, all by Cathleen Cox, and in the end while Jamie Nash and Paige Frauendorfer had great games, there just wasn’t enough support by other players to get the job done.

3) UNO’s “Centers” – Zenta Liepa only had a rebound and a foul in 4 minutes of play, the first 2 of each half. It’s obvious coach Lindley was not happy with what he was getting out of her. I wouldn’t be surprised if Taijhe Kelly earns a start soon, though she only got 2 rebounds and 2 blocks in 10 minutes of play. UNO just isn’t getting enough out of these two right now. The other 4 players coming off the bench are all guards, so between these two at least one of them needs to turn into someone UNO can rely on.

Response to 3 things to watch:

1) Ball Control – LIMIT TURNOVERS! – UNO ended up committing 16 turnovers on the night, though many of them were travel calls. I have to imagine UNO was getting the harsh end of some of those instead of walking all over the court like the refs seemed to think was happening. Still, however it’s caused, 16 turnovers were an issue for UNO. It was much better than the 27 against Western State of course, a step in the right direction.

2) Depth, where is it? – UNO didn’t exactly find any depth in this game. They got some bench players some minutes, but it’s hard to see where the difference makers off the bench are. Cathleen Cox might be one, she had 7 points and 2 boards in 15 minutes. No one else scored off the bench, though Rese Huddlin did have 6 rebounds. Of course she also commited 4 turnovers to help offset that… frustrating night for UNO to say the least.

3) Guard Battle – Nash and Frauendorfer combined for 41 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists and 9 steals. Cervantes and Benson went for 26 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steal. It’s safe to say UNO got the better of this battle, but Metro State won the war with their depth.

Prediction Response: Almost nailed the margin again, off by 1. Had the right winner but was about 10 points high on the final score. Surprised with how poorly Metro State shot in this one. UNO probably should not have been in this one.

Upcoming Opponent: The next opponent for UNO is Upper Iowa. Upper Iowa will actually be making their season debut.

Linkage: Post Game Report
Metro State Post Game Report


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