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October 31, 2009

Central Washington succesfully defends “Unofficial D2 Football Championship”

Filed under: College Sports,D2,Football — Jon Green @ 11:50 pm

Well Dixie State made it interesting today, but Central Washington had enough for them and won 23-9.  Definitely a bit closer than the 37-6 result in Ellensburg last month.  This means Central Washington, barring an upset to Western Oregon next week in Monmouth, Oregon, will bring the Unofficial D2 Football Championship title into the D2 playoffs later this month.  Central Washington will have home-field advantage in the Super Regional 4, as they try to bring a National Title back to Washington.  We’ll see what happens though!

In past research I’ve tried my best to sort through things and have Arkansas State losing the belt to Southern Mississippi in November 1962.  Southern Mississippi was voted the National Champion by the UPI in that year.  Late in 1963 Louisiana Tech took the title from Southern Mississippi and were able to hold onto it for the majority of the 1964 season before late in the year losing it back to Southern Mississippi (the first time ever teams had traded the title back without a 3rd team involved).

Again all of this is so hard to tell for sure (especially how many of the wins are over teams that should qualify for even playing for the belt) but so far it seems to make sense…  I think it’s interesting how the belt started in the South and stayed there until Arkansas State lost it to the Northern Midwest (Montana State).  It stayed in that area (Dakotas and Iowa) until Arkansas State went back and brought it to the South where it would stay through at least 1964.  Don’t be surprised if it stays in the South for a good number of years as there was no National Tournament until 1973 and teams didn’t play too far from home very often (The only ones I have so far are the two involving Arkansas State).


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