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January 22, 2009

Liveblog: UNO Basketball vs. Pittsburg State

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First Half

11:14: Just noted we aren’t taking the traditional media timeout after every 5 minutes.  We’ll see if they take one after the 10.  Down 12-8 right now… UNO just commited their 10th turnover.  That won’t win them this game, but you have to feel okay about still being in this.  Also noticed that Pitt State’s student section bleachers have the words “Standing Encouraged” on them.  Is that a MIAA tradition to put up signs saying that?  Washburn had the same thing!

Oh, and the audio is TERRIBLE from this feed.  Lots of background noise. I feel like I’m listening to it on the radio (from Pittsburg)

9:38: Here’s the media timeout!  16-12 Pitt State.

7:08: UNO now given up 6 3’s and 13 Turnovers.  Ugh.  Down 22-12.  Gotta start defending the 3 and taking care of the ball.  Averaging a turnover a minute.. yikes.

3:45: Now down 27-14… doesn’t look like it’s gonna be a good night for the Mavericks.  Would like to see a respectable 2nd half and maybe avoid getting blown out.

Halftime: Three by the Mavs at the buzzer to make it 30-23 Pitt State.  Gotta feel somewhat good about this now.  Great run to end the half (9-3).

Second Half

11:00: UNO getting to the line now some and cutting into the lead.  44-37 Mavs trail.   Good showing.

5:20: Pitt State up 58 to 47.

Women lose 69-56.

Men’s Game First Half

15:16: Matt Akins coming in early tonight, I’m looking for another big game out of him. Michael Jenkins is on fire again tonight.  2 Deep threes already.

14:01: We’re doing the 5 minute media timeouts in the men’s game apparently.  

12:49: Oh, and Justin Petersen can really get moving.  Hops and speed.  But not shoot free throws…  UNO has gotta start defending the 3 or Pitt is gonna hang around all night and have a shot to win.

9:49: Pretty compelling game.  Down 22-20.  Some good flow to the game.  Not a ton of defense.  7 Offensive rebounds given up already (down 14-7 overall).  Gotta eliminate those!  

9:36: Dion Curry has more terrible calls against him then any player I’ve ever seen.   Another insane charging call.

6:56: 3 minutes, 2 points… get it going here.  Down 26-22. Terry, who has an ugly FT motion, misses two :(. Now Jenkins with an offensive foul (looked questionable to me).  

5:09: Jenkins now 3-3 from 3!!! Down 30-27. Rebounding margin down to 16-12, but 7 turnovers. 

3:27: Down 34-32. Mitch and Michael each with 9. Shooting lights out tonight, but need to cut down on the turnovers and keep hitting the glass.  Keeping this pace up should lead to a win,  I don’t think Pitt can beat us in a track meet/shootout.

Halftime: Down 41-38.  Need to cut out the turnovers and keep hitting the boards, gaurd the 3 and this should turn into a win.

13:41: Tied at 51!  Justin with a huge 3! This game is very very winnable.  Time to make a run and take this thing over.

12:13: JUSTIN with the alley oop slam from Bridger!  Mavs up 57-54!

9:56: Mavs up 64-59 and with the ball.  Mitch with 20 pts and now we’re up 66-59!

7:07: Now 68-64.  Looking good but I’d like to see some more baskets and this lead extended.  

6:06: Make it 68-67.  Offense stalling a bit.  Not good. Thankfully Pitt has been average on offense.  Couple FT’s and the Mavs are down 69-68.

5:08: Jenkins gets so many calls on just running into the lane out of control.  Hits 1 of 2 to tie it at 69.

4:53: Rodney Grace has been solid tonight and fun to watch the former Central star. 

4:01: BRIDGER with a HUGE 3 to put the Mavs back up 72-70

2:00: Mavs are lucky that the Gorillas can’t hit the 3.  Left several open. 

1:25: Dion gets mugged on an attempted rebound/slam.  No call.  No surprise.  Trying to figure out if the ball hit the rim (it didn’t).  Too bad they can’t assign a foul.  Well somehow we got the ball!

0:54: Not a great possession but still up 4.

0:45: Foul on Albers.  Gorillas hit both.

0:38: Jenkins fouled.  Not the guy you want to foul ;). Jenkins hits the first to put UNO up 77-74.

0:32: Time out.  Pitt state with the ball.  NEED TO GAURD THE 3.  NO FOULS… ESPECIALLY ON THREES!

0:16: Bridger gets elbowed in the face and goes down hard. No call.  Not a bad call in my mind.  Pitt makes a layup. 

0:11: Mitch going to the line up 1.  7-7 on the night.  HIT UM MITCH!!! Both~

0:01: Dion with a BAD foul… not much  contact but it’s called.  Pitt to the line to tie it after a timeout.  Hits it.  OT :-\.


5:00: I like UNO to win this one still.  I think they are a better offensive team an in the clutch they’ll come through.

4:36: Jenkins called for a charge on a fantastic flop.  Ugh. Albers with a foul on the other side. Both made but Mitch answers with a 3!  PSU answers with a layup.  UNO misses a 3.

2:29: Petersen hits two FT to put UNO up 84-83 but Pitt answers! Jenkins with ANOTHER charge. TERRIBLE call.  INCREDIBLE.

1:30: Mitch with two FTs.  Misses two, lane violation, and third!  HE WAS 9-9!  Jenkins travels.  Ugly.  Mavs can’t buy it here.  Akins with a HUGE board and gets fouled. FT Shooting is KILLING the Mavs.  Misses both. 

0:34: Akins with a foul, misses and makes. Jenkins gets to the rim and makes the shot.  86-86.  Pitt State with the ball and the shot clock off.

0:15: Pitt TO.  Hit a jumper with 3 to go and then Bridger’s running 3 rims out at the buzzer.  TOUGH loss.  Can’t blame the refs, who were not good.  You just won’t win on the road missing 5 FTs in a row in OT.  

The good news… this loss isn’t the end of the world. You lose a game in the conference standings but they are still in good shape to make the NCAA Tourney.  That’s all that matters really.  That and taking a shot at winning the MIAA Tourney.


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