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October 16, 2008

Lessons Learned From UNO-Augustana Volleyball

Filed under: Omaha Mavericks,Volleyball — Jon Green @ 4:19 am

So UNO took on #22 Augustana tonight.  Augustana did not look like the #22 team.  Had a bit of a rough night struggling.  UNO took set 1, and looked poised to win set 2.  They were up 18-11, but started making some mistakes and Augustana ran in to 21-21.  UNO actually got up 24-23, serving for the set, but 3 attack errors gave it to the Vikings.  UNO needed to take this set that they dominated for the most part, but just let things get away from them.  I thought it would come back to cost them at this point.  Augustana is a good team and you need to put this away instead of giving them time to come back.  After winning set 3 and losing set 4, a set which UNO led 14-11 before falling away, it all came down to set 5.  Both teams were pretty even so if ended up tied at 12.  And 13. And 14. And 15. And 16.  All of a sudden the whole match came down to whoever could win 2 points first. When you set up this situation all it takes is a fluke and you’ve got the win.  You could hit the net with a serve and just trickle it over.  You could have a ball deflect wildly.  All of a sudden all your margin of error is gone and you can’t just win it over the long run.  UNO played like the better team for the whole night, but when you leave the game to be decided on two points, you can get beat pretty easily.

So those are the two lessons. 1.) You have to take advantage of your opporrunities.  Especially when playing a better team (because they will fight back at some point).  UNO needed to win set 2 and didn’t get the job done.  2.) When you let a game come down to a “best of” in a short span… you let the team playing worse (usually the worse team… not the case tonight) have a chance to erase everything based on a few flukey moments or a few good plays.  UNO didn’t get beat by flukey plays tonight, Agustana won those points impressively, but UNO was the better team tonight… just not on the last two points.

Oh and if you haven’t seen them yet… this volleyball team is gonna be good when they are a bit older.  Very young team.


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