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October 14, 2008

UNO Hockey Exhibition Thoughts

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Since Cassy mentioned me as a source for analysis, I figure I should probably do so.  

UNO played Manitoba.  Manitoba was a 3-7 Canadian College Hockey Team.  We can’t draw too much from this.  That said, the Mavs looked good in my opinion.  Love to see a clean sheet (there goes my soccer side..), and the penalty kill looked good (even if it was out there all night).

Here’s what I do want to draw on. The following players saw their first ever action for UNO: Defensemen Matt Smith, Defensemen Kyle Ensign, Forward Jordan Willert, Forward Jake Skjodt, Forward Ryan Kretzer, Forward John Kemp, Forward Alex Hudson, and Goalie John Faulkner.  That’s 8 freshman to break in!  

These players started their 2nd season: Defensemen Alain Goulet, Defensemen Nick Von Bokern, Forward Rich Purslow, Forward Joey Martin, Defensemen Eric Olimb, and Forward Matt Ambroz.  That’s 6 more underclassmen, bringing us to 14 and 6 of those are defensemen.

This year’s team has 7 Juniors (Goalie Jeremie Dupont, Defensemen Eddie DelGrosso, Forward Jeric Agosta, Forward JJ Koehler, Forward Nick Fanto, Defensemen Mark Bernier, and Forward Dan Swanson).  These 7 are some big names on this team, and this year will need to step up and start leading.  

There are only 4 Seniors, a Trio of Forwards (Tomas Klempa. J.P. Platisha, and Dan Charleston) and a Goalie (Jerad Kaufmann).  These guys are great and will be good leaders.  The job of these 11 upperclassmen though will be to lead the underclassmen.  To get the Freshman adjusted to college hockey and make sure the Sophomores keep getting better.

On the Blue Line (defensemen) is where this could be the biggest impact.  There are 2 Juniors, 4 Sophmores and 2 Freshman.  The Sophomores are going to be expected to contribute heavily, and are somewhat prepared after getting experience last year.  But we will see some mistakes, make no mistake about that.  The Blue Line will make you groan a few times this year…

Looking at the Forwards we see a trio of seniors and 4 juniors.  They will be expected to bear the brunt of the scoring burden.  The sophomores and freshman will be able to fit nicely into the plan and work hard, but won’t have the same pressure as the defensemen.

Between the pipes, Dupont and Kaufmann are both experienced.  One of the two will play well, if not both (as I expect).  Faulkner will get some time I’m sure, but is there to help spur these two on and learn.

Now what does this mean?  UNO is young.  Very young.  IF, and this is a big if because with the schedule this team has… they have a chance to do some damage, pull some upsets and have a good year, the team struggles this year… don’t fret too much.  This team is built for the future.  For the next few years.  This year is a bit of a building year.  We can see some big results this year as well I think thanks to a great schedule, but this isn’t the year we worry about.

P.S. Sophomore defensemen Mike Phillippi will redshirt and focus on his grades.  A very good idea I think.  I applaud Coach Kemp for making the right choice here and putting Student before Athlete in this case.


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I really do believe you’re an analyzer.

    This should be a fun year for UNO. I expect it to be competitive and fun for us all! I can’t wait to see what the next couple years will bring (yes, I’ll be around – yay for grad school!).

    Comment by Cassy — October 15, 2008 @ 3:41 am | Reply

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