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October 13, 2008

Class A Football Thoughts

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Has anyone in Class A actually won some impressive games so far this year?


Elkhorn is 5-2, but their only above .500 win is Millard South (4-3) at home.

Grand Island is 6-1, but their only above .500 wins are over Lincoln SW (5-2) and North Platte (4-3)… both on the road.

Lincoln North Star is 6-1, but their only above .500 wins are home wins over Lincoln SW (5-2) and North Platte (4-3).

Lincoln SW is 5-2, but their only above .500 win is over Kearney (5-2) at home.

Millard South is 4-3, but their only above .500 win was a home game with Westside (4-3).

Millard West is 7-0, but their only above .500 win was a home game with Westside (4-3) as well.

North Platte is 4-3, but their only above .500 win was a home game with Kearney (5-2) .

Omaha Burke is 5-2, but their only above .500 win was a home win over an Omaha North (6-1) team who had to turn to their #4 QB.

Omaha Creighton Prep is 7-0, but their only above .500 wins are a home win over Millard South (4-3) and a road win over Westside (4-3).

Omaha North is 6-1, but their only above .500 win is a home win over Papillion-La Vista (5-2).

Omaha Westside is 4-3, but their only above .500 win is a road win to start off the year at Elkhorn (5-2).

Papillion-La Vista is 5-2, but their only above .500 win is a road win at Bellevue West (6-1).

Paplilion-La Vista South is 5-2, but their only above .500 win is a road win at Papillion-La Vista (5-2).


I think there are only 2 teams with an impressive resume right now.  

Kearney is 5-2, with home wins over Grand Island (6-1), Lincoln North Star (6-1), and road wins over Papillion-La Vista South (5-2) and Elkhorn (5-2).

Bellevue West is 6-1, but their only wins against teams over .500 are North Platte (4-3), Omaha Burke (5-2), and Papillion-La Vista South (5-2)… all at home. 


There you have it… 15 teams win winning records, but only 2 have more than 2 wins over winning teams. The season thankfully is not over yet.  Who can improve their resume quite a bit heading into the playoffs?  I realize your resume doesn’t mean much since rankings are not subjective, but these numbers pretty much will tell you how good a team’s Wildcard Points will be. Kearney leads the state at 5-2 since they have some good wins.  Bellevue West is 2nd at 6-1 with their wins.  Millard West is 3rd, but Omaha Creighton Prep, despite being 7-0 is all the way in 5th. 5-2 Elkhorn is in 15th.  So some teams need to pick up these big wins to get a boost going into the playoffs in their ranking.


Bellevue West (6-1) already has a good resume, but still has to host Omaha Creighton Prep (7-0) AND travel to Omaha North (6-1).  They will soar to #1 if they win those, but could lose both and fall to 6-3.  Still would have a strong resume.


Elkhorn (5-2) hosts Lincoln SW (5-2) and then travels to Norfolk (2-5). Beating Lincoln SW is a must if they want to avoid playing one of the top teams.


Grand Island (6-1) travels to Lincoln North Star (6-1) and then hosts Lincoln High (2-5).  Two wins would certify the Islanders for a great ranking in the playoffs (currently 4th).  North Star would be the 3rd winning team defeated on the road.


Kearney (5-2) has a home game with Norfolk (2-5) and then finishes at Lincoln SE (1-6).  Kearney needs to win these two games because they will see a loss in points just for playing them.


Lincoln North Star (6-1) hosts Grand Island (6-1) and then travels to Lincoln NE (3-4).  This game is huge for both teams.  North Star, currently in 6th, would love to pick up another big home win.


Lincoln SW (5-2) goes to Elkhorn (5-2) and then hosts Lincoln East (2-5). Southwest, currently in 7th, could stay high in the rankings, but a defeat to Elkhorn would not help things.


Millard South (4-3) goes to Omaha Northwest (1-6) and then hosts Millard North (2-5).  Even with two wins Millard South will probably finish low in the points, currently 14th, and have a tough first round draw.


Millard West (7-0) hosts Bellevue East (2-5) and then travels to Papillion-La Vista (5-2).  The last game is Millard West’s only chance to improve their ranking. With two wins Millard West would jump past a Bellevue West team that stumbles and possibly even jump a Kearney team that wins twice.


North Platte (4-3) hosts Lincoln NE (3-4) and goes to Fremont (1-6).  The Bulldogs won’t get any help from this schedule and will be stuck near their current 12th place ranking.


Omaha Burke (5-2) travels to Millard North (2-5) and hosts Papillion-La Vista South (5-2). Burke, currently ranked 11th, needs to win both games to try to get in position to host a first round game, yet a loss to Millard North could be disasterous and possibly put Burke in position to fall out of the playoffs if they don’t beat PLVS. Beating Millard North will lock up a playoff berth. 


Omaha Creighton Prep (7-0) plays at Bellevue West (6-1) and then hosts Omaha South (0-7).  Prep, currently 5th, needs to beat Bellevue West or they could go tumbling down the rankings, possibly even falling to a road team in the first round despite an 8-1 record.


Omaha North (6-1) plays at Papillion-La Vista South (5-2) and then hosts Bellevue West (6-1).  North could go soaring up the rankings with two wins, but with two losses could possibly see them on the outside of the playoffs at 6-3, despite starting 5-0.


Omaha Westside (4-3) hosts Papillino-La Vista (5-2) and then goes to Omaha Central (0-7). Westside will make the playoffs with a win at Central, even if they lose to Papillion, but will not see a good matchup in the first round, currently 13th, unless they win both.


Papillion-La Vista (5-2) goes to Omaha Westside (4-3) and then hosts Millard West (7-0). Papillion-La Vista, currently ranked 10th, could fall down the rankings with a couple losses, but with two wins would be district champs and likely soar up the rankings into a home game.


Papillion-La Vista South (5-2) hosts Omaha North (6-1) before traveling to Omaha Burke (5-2). Like North and Burke, two wins would send them up the rankings from their current 9th ranking, however unlike North and Burke they would make the playoffs still.


And as an extra… Millard North (2-5) hosts Omaha Burke (5-2) and goes to Millard South (4-3).  The Mustangs are on the brink of elimination, but with two wins and Papillion-La Vista South winning out and Bellevue West defeating Omaha North would find themselves in a tie with the Vikings and Burke at a 1-3 District Record.  Millard North with a point average of 38.5714 would currently lose to Omaha North’s 41.1429 and Omaha Burke’s 40.8571 (2 of the 3 would get in), but if Burke loses twice while Millard North won they would almost certainly be the odd team out.  


In other words… for almost every team that has a winning record, the next two weeks will mean just about everything.

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