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August 1, 2008

Summer League Playoffs Round 2

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Another GREAT night for Mav and D2 fans!

UNO’s current players throughly defeated the #1 seed McGinn Law.  In the matchups I was looking forward to, Charles Richardson took on Andrew Bridger and had his way with him when he wanted to drive, but didn’t flat out dominate.  Bridger also played a pretty solid offensive game leading the team.  Dion Curry was impressive in an opporunity to see what he will do against a bigger player inside.  He had one tip slam that was very sick.  Justin Peterson was his usual studly self playing big inside, throwing down a sick dunk, hitting some 3’s.  Great player to watch play.  John Ring had one moment that made me smile, knocking Bruce Chubick (who graduated from Nebraska when Ring was 5) down after a FT.   UNO won 70-56 in a game that wasn’t that close. Even if I didn’t mention other players everyone played very hard and well tonight.  Great performance. I also want to say how great it was to see the team gelling.  Players were quickly helping others up after they got knocked down, trying to encourage each other verbally and standing up and high fiving the guys as they left after being subbed out.  Very cool to see the team coming together! Charles Richardson is also a ton of fun to watch.  Great player.

In game two UNK took on State Farm Insurance.  UNK had a couple players ariving late from Kearney and struggled a bit until they got there.. at which point they dominated.  UNO – UNK next week!  Woo.

In game three UNO’s grads domianted Hastings… well mabye not.  Hastings played it pretty close and lost 76-63.  Very impressive in the lost.

In game four P’Allen Stinnett’s PCS Phosphate (who is great to watch interacting with “annoying” kids and autograph seekers) wasn’t playing his hardest the whole time but turned it on when he had to leading his team to a 3 point win over Wes Wilkinson’s Narmi Group.  Wilkinson was fun to watch but didn’t do much in the 2nd half.  So UNO Grads vs. PCS Phosphate next week in the other semifinal.

Next week could be interesting.  UNO Senior Grant Neiland plays for both UNO and the grads… will he next week?  Will it depend on if the Current team wins?  Who would he play for in the dream finale of UNO-UNO Grads… haha.  We can only hope…  Whatever happens next week promises some great games. UNO-UNK features some phenomenal talent and a bit of a rivlary (though it’s hard to hate UNK).  The grads will also provide a good challenge for the most exciting player in the league in P.


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