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July 24, 2008

Tim Tebow Tells Playboy “No”

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This obviously has nothing to do with UNO or even Omaha.  That said, I loved the story so I decided to share it and comment on it.  First of all the story can be found at

Now to the story… “Tim Tebow in Playboy? Not happening.

The Florida quarterback became the first sophomore to ever win the Heisman last December, so it’s only natural that he would be everybody’s preseason All-America quarterback. Right? But when Playboy asked for nominations for its annual All-America team back in the spring, Florida assistant sports information director Zack Higbee elected not to even put Tebow’s name on the list.

Tebow, who will attend photo shoots today for magazine covers in Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News before attending the SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala., on
Wednesday, is vocal about his deep religious convictions. His father, Bob, is a missionary. Tebow feels it could also be his calling in life, after his football career is over.”

–First of all I had no idea Tebow is a professing believer, so now I’m motivated to root for him next year :).  If he is a Christian it would be awesome to see him pursue that after football.

“Gary Cole, senior vice president and photographer director of Playboy, e-mailed and talked with Higbee on the phone about the decision not to nominate the Gator star… “I don’t hate it when someone has all the facts, understands what our weekend and our history is and then chooses not to attend,” Cole told Florida Today. “I do hate it when someone bases their choice on false or incomplete information. . . . The weekend (in Phoenix) is completely wholesome. I have always brought my children whether they were one or 16 years old. It’s a really special few days when these fellows get the opportunity to meet each other and spend a little time together. Friendships are formed at these weekends that last a lifetime.””

— I like how he trys to paint this as a wholesome time. I’m sure the weekend isn’t totally wholesome (there’s got to be playboy models around.. right?), but I’ll take his word that it probably is fairly tame. The problem for me isn’t the weekend… it’s the magazine! Tebow would be featured in a magazine with photos of naked women… not wholesome at all. He made the right decision to not even be associated with it. Would it be wrong of him to allow his name and picture to be in there? Maybe, maybe not. But he definitely made the right choice in not even associating himself or letting his name be tarnished at all.

“Florida’s Danny Wuerffel, also raised in a deeply-religious family, elected not to have his name on Playboy’s preseason list in 1996, the year he also won the Heisman.”

—Didn’t know this about Wuerffel either.. cool.

“Higbee, who works closely with Tebow on his media obligations, didn’t even bother to discuss the matter with the Tebow, who recently won an ESPY Award for top college male athlete, until months later. He figured Tebow’s religious beliefs would cause him to decline, anyway. Higbee said it came up in a conversation recently, and Tebow was fine with the decision.”

—I LOVE THIS! Tebow wasn’t even asked. This means he has a REPUTATION for this on campus. This guy KNOWS about Tebow’s faith and KNEW that he would not be okay with this. That speaks volumes to me.

“”To be honest, Pat White was my choice from very early on . . . actually the end of last season,” Cole said. “I love the way he plays the game. I love what he has accomplished in his career at West Virginia. He’s a senior. Tebow will probably be around for a couple of more years. So we still have the chance to have him on the team whether or not he chooses to attend (the Playboy function honoring him).””

—Then a load of lies from Cole in my opinion… to try and swing this as well you know what Pat White probably would have been the choice.. rediculous.  They wanted Tebow just like everyone does and he said no, but they want to make it seem like they didn’t want him!

I read some more online and found out Tebow was homeschooled but allowed to play high school football in Florida due to state rules… very cool!


UNO’s Men’s Basketball Summer League team and the UNO Men’s Grad Summer League team both start the playoffs tomorrow.  The current guys finished the season 3-2 and as the 8 seed will play Bellevue University in the first round.  The game is at 5:30 at Omaha South.  The Grads finished 4-1 and have the 7 seed.  They will play Porter, Tauke, and Ebke – BJ Valentine, Lorenzo Wilson, Brandon McGruder, Nick Krenk, Ben Nelson, Dusty Sitsmann, Ben Thorn, Klaye Rowe and will play at 7:30 at Omaha South.  Both teams will be expected to win as they defeated their opponents in the regular season.

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