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June 3, 2008

Thoughts From a Trip to the Dentist

Filed under: Random Thoughts — Jon Green @ 3:13 pm

So I went to the dentist yesterday, and a few things struck me.

First of all, my dentist now has those LCD TV Screens over your chair. Now, instead of talking to a human, you can watch TV while your exam is going on! Not that talking to your dentist is the most practical (with their hands in your mouth and all), but at the very least an attempt at small talk makes me happy. Maybe I could bring a friend who knows me really well, and they can talk to the dentist about me? That’d be cool. But no, now the dentist is just like sitting on the couch. Except instead of stuffing cheetos and root beer into your mouth, it’s the dentist’s (I mean dental hygienist’s?) hands and tools.

Secondly, how hard must it be to pick up your dental hygienist? You come in with a dirty mouth (use Orbit to clean it up!) and she goes to work on it. Then you try and pick her up, after she’s seen that!?!?!? This seems nearly impossible to me. She’d have to be so disgusted with you after seeing your teeth, that she’d never want to again. Maybe if you have REALLY good teeth you could do it… maybe. My advice would be to go to another dentist first for a good cleaning. Then come to your dentist and make your move. Note: I wasn’t thinking of picking up my dental hygienist, this just crossed my mind while in the chair mindlessly bored because I passed on the TV and she wasn’t talking to me.

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