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January 18, 2008

Jones vs. Young II – Preview

Filed under: High School Sports — Jon Green @ 10:21 pm

Tonight is the big night.  Jones vs. Young, for possibly the final time!  If the two teams do continue their strong play and meet up at State we’ll get one last chance, otherwise this is it.  The game is at Omaha Central, whose gym only holds 1700.  The place will be packed, and early!

Central is lead of course by Josh Jones, but two other guards (Ronnell Grixby and PG Chris Griffin) play key roles, as does forwards Donald Jones and Lorenzo Wilson.  West is lead by guards Antoine Young, Jeff Allgood, and center Shomari Wellington.

The two battles to watch will be Jones vs. Young and Wellington vs. Wilson.  Jones will guard Antoine on defense, though Antoine doesn’t guard Jones going the other way.  Antoine needs to get into the lane more than he did in the last game and get some FTs.  He also needs to be careful not to pick up tacky fouls or charges, as he was fouled out last time these two teams met.  Jones needs to take control of the offense and shoot better tonight.  Last game he 5-17 for only 10 points.  He also was taken out of the offense late in the game and didn’t assert himself much.  Look for him to shoot much better tonight and as a result take control of the offense.

Regardless of how Jones and Young do, the real difference makers may be inside.  Central is a smaller team with only 3 players (6’4″ Donald Jones, 6’5″  Lorenzo Wilson, and 6’3″ Denzell Cook) over 6’2″.  Bellevue West has 4 (6’5″ Steve Palmtag, 6’6″ KC Rodenburg, 6’5″ Shomari Wellington and 6’8″ Bryce Reinders).  If these 4 can dominate inside with their superior size, the scales may be tipped in favor of West.

The home court advantage could also be big for Central.  The crowd will be raucous and should provide some great atmosphere.

If you don’t get to go see it tonight (only 1700 will be getting in, so you’d have to get there early!) you can catch it Sunday on COX Channel 2.

My prediction?  Bellevue West 79 – Omaha Central – 77.

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